Thursday, August 25, 2011

Older Sibling Gift Bags & Free Big Sister/Big Brother Button Download

Last week I shared a guest post over on the Kiki Creates blog for her Baby Week.  In case you missed it, I thought I'd share the whole post over here too.  :)

I am currently sporting a big round belly & chubby face because I am 36 weeks pregnant with my 3rd baby.  I have two cute daughters & we are expecting a baby boy next month!  I'm really looking forward to that day when my girls come visit me in the hospital to meet our new baby.  I want it to be a special day for them & I don't want them to feel left out or overlooked, so I've created some older sibling buttons for them.  They are super easy to make & guess what?!!  You can download them for free at this link & make your own!

Once you have the file downloaded & printed out, just cut out the badge around the black circle.

I found these self-sealing laminating pouches at Target.  You simply open them up & place your paper circle in the middle then press to seal.

Trim around the edge about an 1/8th of an inch from the edge of the paper.

Finally, you hot glue a pin on the back & you're done!

I pinned mine to a little bag that I made & filled with goodies.  When the girls come to the hospital to visit, they'll each have their own bag waiting for them.  They can take the Big Sister pin off & pin it to their shirts if they want.

I have c-sections, so I know that I'll be in the hospital for about 4 days.  I wanted to include some things to keep them busy & some things to help them to know that their mama still loves them & misses them.

I included in my bag: a sweet little note from me, some watercolor paints, a handmade cloud softie that they can snuggle up to when I'm not there to snuggle with, a new movie to watch, a new book to read, an activity book, a lollipop & a bag of candy.

You may wish to also include stickers, gel pens or markers & learning books, a new toy or some family photographs.

I really love the Lily & Thistle MiniMe paper dolls.  My girls already have these & play with them all the time, but they would be an excellent addition to an older sibling bag for either a girl or a boy.

Also, If you want to add a little something soft & snuggly to the bag, but are not the sewing type, these Custom Wee Babies from Red Comb Vintage are just adorable.

I feel this is a wonderful way to help older siblings feel appreciated & help them through the transition of bringing home a new baby.  What would you add to an older sibling bag?


The Smith Family said...

So cute think of everything! How do you like those Scotch self-laminating pouches? I've laminated things using this method before and they never seem sturdy enough...what are your thoughts. Hope you are still taking it easy and staying out of the Vegas heat! :)


Hannah Gibson Dale said...

Wow! Those cloud softies are gorgeous! Have you done a tutorial for them? Beautiful blog <3

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