Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Thrifting Report: Vintage Linens

After organizing my fabric a few months back & realizing that I had way, way too much, I decided to put myself on a shopping ban.  I put a hold on any thrift shopping for sheets & felt proud of myself for saving that money & for using what I had on hand for all of my projects.  Although because I have such a big stash, it wasn't hard at all to use what was around. 

Well, that itch to thrift has come back & I've felt that my fabric collection can really use some more colorful sheets.  So I've allowed myself to start shopping again.  Yesterday was a quick stop into the Savers near my doctor's office, which I've only recently discovered was there.  I could have been shopping there every month!!

I first started in the material section & found this blue and red plaid that I couldn't pass up.  I'm sure I can find a use for it. 

I found some orange & yellow pillowcases.  These are the types of prints that I'm looking for.  I love to find prints that are mainly colored rather than a small print on a mostly white background.  These colorful sheets add more pop to my projects.

I did, however find some white background florals that I just couldn't pass up.   They are pretty & would make a lovely quilt backings.

And lastly, this green stripe....I already have one of these sheets on hand.  But it was so bright & in such great condition & such a great price that I couldn't leave it there.  And this one is a king size too!  I don't think I'll ever run out of this green stripe.  Too bad it wasn't pink or blue.  I'm always on the lookout for those colors.  The stripes & plaids are always really great to pair with vintage florals in my sewing projects.  They really add so much.

I'm thinking that I may need to start selling some of my vintage sheeting fabrics by the yard in the shop.  That way I can keep some for myself & still have room to store my stash!  I really never will get to using them all in my lifetime.  I just can't stop the hobby of searching them out & buying them.  It's too much fun.  :)


The Hunter's Prize said...

I am jealous of your sheet finding skills! I love the green stripe one so much! Our local thrift stores do not have many good vintage sheets, although I look every time I go!

Lily Darger said...

I had a sheet like that green striped one, only it was yellow stripes. I made a dress out of it. Here it is:

Anna said...

Lovely! Lately I've just started to look for vintage sheets to use as fabric. These are some great finds!

Julie said...

I have a sheet of the pink Stripes iin great condition, maybe we could do a swap?

Cindy J said...

I love to buy them too :) I make skirts & bags & all kinds of things out of them and sell them in my Etsy shop ( The hunt for rare sheets is too much fun. Purples & good blues are always hard for me to find! I know what you mean about the stripes... I found that green in a pillowcase, along with two blue striped pillowcases, but I did find a queen sized pink & orange one but it was in rough shape. Not all of it, just took a lot of cutting to work around it! :)

New Duds said...

I put myself on fabric shopping 'hold' all the time too! Its great to use what you have and even better to get back out there and get more without the guilt! What great finds :)

Laurie Marshall said...

Nice finds! I have put my fabric buying on haitus as well. My sewing room is a DISASTER area, and I refuse to buy more until I can go through what's there and purge. Waiting on the hubster to get his stuff out, and find a new place for the dog to sleep every night... then I can renovate. :)

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