Monday, September 12, 2011

Contoured Burp Cloths

Okay.  I'm feeling a little better about my burp cloth situation now.  Yesterday I made 4 more.  I used the Cloud9 Contoured Burp Cloth pattern & tutorial for these.  I just loved the shape of their pattern.  Mine are made in a double flannel.  Burp cloths in two layers of flannel are really my favorite, because they are the softest & most absorbent. 

I've decided to slow down & take it easy these last few days before baby comes.  And you know what?  My body feels better.  So much less achy all over & my contractions have eased up.  I am going to try to rest up & enjoy these last moments before everything changes & we have to deal with the exhaustion that comes from taking care of a newborn.  I will keep you posted!  :)


sweetestthings said...

all the best to you:) Soon you'll have a precious little one:)

Bek said...

isn't this pattern just great :) i printed it the other day and can't wait to make some! Yours look fantastic!

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