Monday, September 19, 2011

Guest Post - Skirt As Top

I couldn't believe it when Candace asked me to guest blog for her while she's on maternity leave. I've been blogging over at skirtastop for less than 6 months, but have been a follower of Sparkle Power! for about three times that long. I am so excited to share my pattern for a simple infant bib and some fun boyish appliqué templates with you today!

I'm a mostly self-taught, part-time working mama of two little ones, a 3 year old girl and a 9 month old boy, and I absolutely love to sew.  After learning on toddler skirts and dresses for my daughter, I wasn't sure what I would sew when I found out I was having a boy last summer.  I also come from a family of four girls, so the whole boy thing was very new to me!  I quickly discovered that it's just as fulfilling to sew for boys, since commercial clothes for little guys sometimes tend to be a bit...plain.  Knowing how to sew makes it very easy to do something about that!

My bib template works for young infants (spitup happens), but it's also big enough to work for older babies messily trying out solid food.  It's a quick bib to make, and a great use of scraps or fat quarters.  I've drawn an old timey handlebar moustache, paper plane, whale, and fox templates for you to trace and use.  Appliqué is great for livening up plain onesies, baby blankets, and burp cloths.  Baby boys deserve fun threads too!


bib pattern

appliqué templates


Main fabric for front (quilting cotton or flannel works great)
Thicker absorbent fabric for back (I like using terry cloth/an old towel, or minky)
Coordinating fabric scrap for appliqué
Velcro or snaps
Double stick fusible web
Point turner, chopstick, or knitting needle
Bib pattern and appliqué templates (see links above)

STEP 1: Cut out bib template, trace shape onto main fabric on the fold (I traced mine onto cardboard since I use it so often).  Cut out the bib front.

STEP 2: Place bib front right sides together with backing fabric, pin, cut out the backing in the general shape of the front bib.  This allows for a little margin of error while sewing, since terry cloth tends to shift a little bit.  It's also quicker because you don't need to be as accurate while cutting out the backing.  Pin around the edges, marking a 2" opening to turn.

STEP 3: Sew together with a 3/8" seam allowance using the bib front as your guide, backstitching at the opening.

STEP 4: Trim seam allowance to 1/4", except at opening.  Clip into curves around neck line and bottom edges.

STEP 5: Turn rightside out, using your point turner to poke out the neck tabs completely.  Finger press, then press with an iron on the front side of the bib (terry-cloth and minky don't iron well).

STEP 6: Topstitch around the outer edge of the bib 1/8" from edge.

STEP 7: Sew on velcro.  Sew 1.5" of the fuzzy side on to the backing side of the left neck tab, and 1" of the scratchy side onto the front side of the right neck tab (or add snaps, if your little one is prone to compulsively ripping off their bib).

STEP 8: Trace your appliqué onto the fusible web paper.  Cut out the general shape.  Remove the backing paper, stick to the wrong side of your scrap, and cut out your shape (I have a pair of sewing scissors dedicated to this purpose).  Don't cut the inner lines of the paper plane.  They're provided to guide your stitching later.

STEP 9: Remove the other side of the paper backing, and place appliqué where you'd like it.  Iron it to fuse to the bib, then machine stitch close to the edge to secure, using whatever stitch you'd like (straight, zigzag, blanket, etc.).  The web prevents it from fraying, but if you use a straight stitch it will get a little fuzzy around the edge after a few trips through the wash.  I like that look.

STEP 10: Add details to the appliqué.  For the whale's eye, I use fabric marker, but it could also be embroidered.  Appliqué small scraps of the terry for the fox's face and tip of the tail.  Mark the paper plane's "folds" with disappearing fabric pen and use contrasting thread in your machine to stitch the detail.

STEP 11: Put a bib (or three) on your little fella, and enjoy the cuteness!

Thanks for having me, Candace!  I'm so happy for you to have a little guy of your very own - they are such fun.  Enjoy those wonderful newborn snuggles!


Louisa said...

I love the appliques! Thanks for sharing them.

Anna said...

really cute! love the templates. :)

toots2u said...

these are so cute...thanks for sharing!!!

Our Little Beehive said...

Thanks for sharing this! My little guy is starting to drool like a mad man and his daycare woman keeps a bib on him all day. He definitely needs some more cute bibs, momma's washing bibs by hand every night right now!

Chant said...

I have a question, I just made one of these bibs and after washing it my stitches got all wonky. What did I do wrong?

LaDonna said...

Where did you find the adorable wood grain fabric for the fox bib?

Katie Williams said...

How much fabric do you need to buy to make a set of 4? Would love to make some of these as a gift.

Katie Williams said...

How much fabric do you need to buy to make a set of 4? Would love to make some of these as a gift.

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