Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Guest Post - Smile and Wave

Hi, I'm Rachel Denbow from Smile and Wave! My husband, Brett, teases me about taking pictures of pictures. I've been documenting my favorite Instax photos by photographing them on top of vintage fabrics for the last few months. It only made sense to recreate that concept in a photo frame and what better place to share it than on another vintage sheet lover's blog!

To make your own patchwork photo frame you'll need the following: A frame with glass and a cardboard backing, fabric scraps, low loft batting (or two layers of flannel), fabric for the backing, straight pins, a sewing machine, scissors, fabric glue.

Measure the size of your frame. I suggest something larger rather than smaller but it depends on how much fabric you want showing. Then decide if you want small or large squares. I cut mine to 3.5" x 3.5". I used a variety of my favorites for a colorful  effect.

Once you've decided on the arrangement you like best, pin them together in rows and then stitch them together. Iron the seams flat.

Next, pin the rows together and stitch them. Iron flat as you go.

Don't worry too much if your corners don't match up all the way. It's charming, right?

To get a flatter look, iron all of your seams in the same direction. This is what your back will look like.

Place your fabric backing down (I used a regular white sheet but if you decide to use a print, place it with the wrong side up), then lay the low loft batting on top, and finally your patchwork top.

 Pin them together with straight pins.

Stitch on either side of each seam starting from the center and working to either side. Remove your pins as you go. Trim your ends.

Center your cardboard backing over your patchwork, trim excess.

Center your photo (or photos) on your patchwork top and place just a little bit of fabric glue on the back of your photo and press it down. Place it in your frame and double-check that it's centered.

I painted my frame a minty blue once I decided on my fabric choices rather than the green and then hung it on the wall on Ruby's side of the room. If you want a more worn look, get your patchwork piece wet (before you trim the edges) and stick it in the dryer. Another non-sewing alternative is to find a cutter quilt and trim it down to size.

It's a sweet addition to a nursery and would make a thoughtful shower gift! Enjoy.

Thanks for having me, Candace, and congratulations on such a handsome little man!




gypsy said...

Love this idea, looks like this will be fun!

katielicht said...

holy cow this is SO cute. i love patchwork but it's hard to find the time/patience to make a whole quilt. this is such a good idea.

RachelDenbow said...

Thanks for giving me an excuse to sew, Candace! I really had fun with this project. I think Sebastian needs one, too.

Candace said...

Rachel, Thank you! This is awesome. The color combination of the vintage sheets is just perfect. I'd love to see one of these in a boy version. Too fun.

Becky said...

Love this. I just adore the retro feel of it!

Anonymous said...

I love this :) Can't wait to try it. The colors are great!

two_girls said...

I love this, I've been looking for a gift to make for my sister's birthday and this is ideal! A picture of the two of us since we have so few!!! Thank you!!!!

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