Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Checking In

Thank you for all the encouraging comments about breastfeeding.  You'll all be happy to know that I haven't given up nursing!  We've settled into a nice feeding routine.  The little man prefers breastfeeding, so we are continuing with that & just adding a bottle of formula after each feeding.  Finn seems to be happy with it & he gained 9 oz. in the last week! 

Claire is so cute.  She is constantly asking, "Can I hold Finn?"  It doesn't matter if he's screaming his head off or if I'm in the middle of feeding him.  She wants to hold him all the time.

Yesterday Claire chose to wear a shirt that she's previously had no interest in.  A mama made shirt!  When I told her the story about how I had made this shirt for her older sister when she was her same size, Claire got really excited.

It was fun to watch her wearing it yesterday & remember what Sadie looked like in it a few years ago.  Made my mama heart happy.  :)


chris said...

Such happy news!

Anonymous said...

aw, good job sticking with nursing, and i think you're doing it right nursing first then offering a bottle if he needs a little extra. that seems like the right way to do it to keep your supply going. cute shirt, too! nice that you have two girls to pass your handmades down.

Jessica @ Sunny Tuesday said...

Way to go! It took TEN days for my milk to come in, so I'm no stranger to supplementing. I have a lot of respect for anyone who doesn't have the ideal breastfeeding situation and keeps on trucking with it. :)

Biz said...

Congrats on breastfeeding!
I'm on my 1st baby and have experienced nearly every problem that could go wrong, but we kept on trucking.
For the first week we struggled breastfeeding due to her jaundice making her SOOOO sleepy she didn't want to work at it.
Weeks 2-4 we were exclusively pumping and bottle feeding that.
As of yesterday we had 2 successful nursing sessions followed by a little pre-pumped out of the bottle.
Keep up the good work Mama, breastfeeding is a lot of work, but it's a rewarding feeling too!


Lizzi said...

She looks great in her "mama made" shirt! It's so nice that she loves the new baby, some parents have to deal with jealousy and all that (not pretty.)

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