Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Thrift Finds

Last week I had a post op appointment with my doctor across town.  I've been having good luck finding vintage sheets at a thrift store near his office, so I was looking forward to stopping in after my appointment.  Sure enough I left with a stack of sheets.

I was super excited about the green sheet.  I've never had this one before & the color is just great.  The printing seems to be off on the yellow check, but I'll use it anyway.  The pink & gold floral is not a new pattern for me, but this one is in such great condition that I had to buy it.  The navy stripe is not a vintage sheet, but I am always happy to find great stripes + plaid + ginghams to go along with all my florals. 

And then I spotted this lovely pyrex bowl that I just couldn't pass up.  Pretty cool, right?!

I have to return to my doctor's office again in another month.  So, I think I'll be popping in this favorite store yet again.  Sounds good to me!


Jacy said...

Ohhh I love them!! Wow you just reminded me that I need to take a trip to my fav thrift store...not sure if I have a project in mind, but I always enjoy shopping for less!!

New Duds said...

wow great finds, I LOVE that green sheet!!

Suzie said...

I have that bowl in my cabinet--makes me smile every time I open the door!!!

Anna said...

Nice finds- I love that pyrex bowl! I've never seen that print before.

allycat79225 said...

So wonderful to find a good spot for sheets. I too have had great luck in one spot a couple of times for vintage character sheets. This place does not care if sheets are vintage or not (like over pricing them) They just want to sell. Good for me. Love your finds. Please post what you make with them. :)


tweed fox said...

i love that bowl. I've just started to collect. :)
That bowl is called "Daisy" and it's Cinderella style (with the side handles). more info http://www.pyrexlove.com/daisy-cinderella-bowls-440-series/glassware/

:) great find!!

Kat said...

That green sheet is gorgeous! I can never find good fabric at my op shops.

My Sweet Prairie said...

Sweet!! : )
lucky you


Michelle said...

Yours is the first blog I've seen the green print on -- I've got two full sets from an estate sale. Someone must've really liked them!

Kristi Kyle said...

Hey Candace!

I am sure you are enjoying being with your little one. Just a quick note to say that I LOVE the posts on your thrifted finds. Always so inspiring! I had to run out and find my own!


All the best x


Cottage Gal said...

Great finds! I'm sure you will turn the sheets into something awesome! Thanks for posting a pic of our Carolina Girl's nursery on your FB page :) Just love the flag pennant!

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