Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Halloween 2011

We survived Halloween & I hope you did too!  Like I mentioned in an earlier post, I didn't make costumes this year & I feel totally fine about it.  Sadie chose to be Dorothy & Claire chose to be a bumble bee. 

We went to our church for a trunk-or-treat, where the kids trick-or-treat from car to car.  This year we collected empty milk jugs & made ghosts out of them to decorate our trunk.  This was a great project for the kids.  They loved it & it was super easy.  We put dollar store glow sticks (which came 2 to a package) inside the jugs.  So not only was it a really fun craft for the kids it was also super cheap!

I've been encouraging myself to eat less sugar, so now I just have to try to stay away from the candy bags.  :)


chris said...

The milk jugs are genius! Will have to pin for next year.

Amber Liddle said...

I had never heard of trunk or treat until this year! What a great idea, have to keep that in mind for next year :)

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