Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Finn's Blessing

Our sweet Finn was given a blessing in church last Sunday.  I love this tradition where the worthy men in the family surround the baby, present him to the Lord, give him a name & then bless him with various blessings for his life (like health & strength, seeking after education etc.).

I had been looking forward to this day for some time & I purchased a little cream colored sweater before Finn was even born.  Then, although I had the brown linen fabric for weeks, I waited until the night before the blessing at about midnight to begin sewing his pants.  Luckily everything turned out well & he looked super cute for his special day.

After our church meeting, all of our family members gathered at my parents house to visit & enjoy a nice brunch.  We had ham & swiss sliders, potato & bacon casserole, cinnamon baked french toast, pumpkin muffins & cinnamon rolls.  Oh it was good!

Finn was passed around & loved on until all our guests left.  Then I took him to my bed, undressed him down to his onesie & layed down to nurse him.  After staying up late to prepare for the day, it felt so good to finally lay down with his warm body next to mine & I felt so, so blessed to have him by my side.  It's amazing how much our love grows when we have another child & even though I expected it, that strong bond between mother & child still surprises me.  I am so grateful that the Lord blessed us with another baby.  I love him so much!


andrea said...

It looks like it was a wonderful day! I thought of you a few times as we were busy with Mara's blessing too. It really is such a great tradition to have the men surrounding the baby & see that great support they'll always have from the priesthood. I love it! So happy for you & glad that Finn's doing well! PS love the pants :)

chanel said...

awwwww, this was precious!
he is growing so much. he really looks like a "big boy" in the shot over someone's shoulder. wow, they change fast.
love that you sewed his pants, thats awesome.

and your husband and the personality that comes through when he takes pictures! he's always got an expression of "something" on his face.

congratulations on such a perfect special day!

letter A studio said...

What a sweet blessing outfit. All my kids were blessed in white outfits their Nana made. While I will always cherish them, I kinda wish I had broken the mold and let them wear cute get-ups like Finn. He's adorable.

alliehoopes said...

awww he really is so so cute. and he looks a little bit like all of you. just came over to comment on that and to say you continue to be one of my favorite bloggers!

Melissa said...

This is just the most precious post ever. He is so unbelieveably cute, the pants are perfect, the family is so complete looking and the final paragraph is pure love. Tis the season indeed!

Paula Kathlyn said...

How precious! And what a great family picture...you look great!

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