Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Happenings

How have you been?  Super busy?  Me too.  So busy that I haven't been able to post on the blog apparently.  It feels strange to me.  Like I have a bunch of friends out there that I haven't talked to in ages & for some reason I feel the need to update you on our recent happenings... 

We visited Santa at Bass Pro Shops.  Then shot some guns & tried on coonskin hats & stuff like that.  That place is crazy.

My sisters & I took our kids over to my Grandma's house to set up her Christmas tree & decorate her house.  Grandma really looks forward to this every year & the kids think it's so much fun.

Sadie has been doing really well in school.  She received 3 awards this trimester:  A/B Honor Roll, Citizenship & Soaring Eagle.  She's come home with really cool treasures like stackable rainbow pencils & bean sprouts.

This week we were really happy to finally be hooked up with a great pediatric urologist.  Sadie has had chronic urinary tract infections for a number of years.  I was so happy to leave this new doctor's office with an actual explanation for her infections & a plan to correct it.  Learning that the issue is bladder dysfunction & not bad hygiene or reflux which doctors were previously looking at was such a relief to me.  It felt good to hear an explanation that actually made sense.  Now we know what the issue is!  Finally!  And we are working to get her better.

 Claire has been spending lots of time with her cousin, Crew.  These two are best buddies.  They are in the same preschool class & play together just about every day.  One of the fist things Claire asks in the morning is if Crew can come over.  They are sweet.

Finn is my little love bug.  He's full of smiles for me lately.  He's gaining weight & sleeping well.  He's started to grab onto toys & stuff.  Sadie can't hold him without him grabbing a fist full of her hair.  I just adore him & I'm so, so happy that we have him around.  I love my boy.

We finally joined in on the elf on the shelf craze.  The girls are so thrilled with it.  I think it's the most exciting thing in their life right now & I must admit that it makes me super happy to see them so happy.  Our elf is named Molly.  This elf has sat on my Grandma's tree for years & she was sweet enough to give it to me last year when I told her how much I loved it.  :)

I have not been full of Christmas cheer this year.  Usually I am.  The tree goes up the day after Thanksgiving & I'm all about the Christmas activities.  This year I've been dragging my feet & it all has to do with money, or the lack of it.  We've had a lot of medical bills over the last few months & then an unexpected car repair early this month left us very low on funds.  It's bummed me out quite a bit.  I wasn't even sure how we'd make it through.  But Dylan & I finished the shopping yesterday & I'm feeling a bit better.  The girls aren't getting a ton of gifts, but I know that they will be happy with what they receive.  It actually feels good to have a reason to be conservative in our spending & giving.  Really, kids don't need a lot of crap to be happy.

This time of year is so crazy.  It really is.  I'm looking forward to spending some time together as a family & really keeping it simple. 

So I hope we're all caught up now.  Glad we could get back in touch after all this time.  :)  All my love until next time...


andrea said...

Oh Candace....I seriously love you. I am sorry you've been stressing about money, I know how much that stinks. You have an amazing family that will always know how much you love them & how lucky they are to have you. I have been dragging my feet too...making it work but not doing December exactly how I'd like to be doing it. I think we can safely say we won't be back to our normal selves for a few more months, I have to remind myself what a big adjustment having a baby is when I get hard on myself. Merry Christmas to you!!!

chanel said...

oh my goodness!! I LOOOOOVE this update.
Mr Finn is sooooo CUTE Candace!!!
You make me LAUGH about bass pro shop- that place IS crazy!!
all your picts are so cute and despite the low funds, you have a most awesome life- your family is just wonderful! it will be a fabulous christmas- Finn's first! That alone makes it special.
Way to go Sadie!! She ROCKS! and soooooo happy you found a GOOD dr. yay!!
love you!
and don't know if you saw the toolbelt i sewed bay- but im so proud of it and thought "candace will like these colors!" ha! you're always my inspiration when i sew. one day finn will have one of these i bet! it is cool to find things to sew for a boy.

Michelle said...

I think Finn is so cute. I see so much of you, in him. :)

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