Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Daily Photo :: 11

I once heard Heidi Klum give this weight loss advice, "Exercise & don't eat carbs."  Time to lose my pregnancy weight & I'm trying to follow this advice.  So I'm having a green smoothie for lunch today.  Need to figure out when I can fit in the exercise part, though.


Wendy said...

It's so tricky to find the time while chasing our kids around. I consider that my exercise :) (By the way, I always read, but rarely comment! Loving your pics... Thanks!)

chanel said...

what on earth????????????
that looks like it belongs on fear factor! youre brave. was it good??
i didn't start exercising until brynnly was 6 months old, there is no rush, you'll get back- YOU WILL! then what? ya know, at least when you have baby weight you have an excuse and a goal, then you just get back to "eh" and its a NEVER ENDING battle. BUT your pictures lately- every single one of them I thought "HOW DID SHE ALREADY LOSE HER BABY WEIGHT???" Honestly, you be lookin good already!!!

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