Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Things I Learned in February

 - Trying to get a photo of myself for this post with Finn in hand was quite funny.  I captured the many ridiculous faces that I make when trying to get him to smile.  Today I'm feeling open enough to share some with you.

- Not talking on the phone while driving in the car is a tough habit to break.  Someone in our family got a ticket.  It wasn't me, but I was the one he was talking to when it happened.  We're all obeying the law now, but I still find myself reaching for the phone often while driving only to put it back down again. 

- I listened to this podcast over at paper n stitch this month.  One point was brought up...if you want to add something new to your life, you have to be prepared to let something else go.  It's so true.  We can't keep adding more & more & expect to get it all done without any stress.  It's impossible.  I feel like I've only been adding.  Some things have got to go....perhaps some computer time.

- My weight loss this month was a bit slower than last month.  I lost 4 lbs.  A pound a week.  I'll happily take that!  My total lost since the beginning of the year is now 11 lbs.  I have 10 more to lose to get to my pre-pregnancy weight & if I can lose another 10 on top of that I'll be over the moon!

Still haven't found time to exercise (see the above topic) but I am continuing eating well.  I feel great inside.  I feel the urge to exercise, just not the time.  Feeling like I've entered another stage in my life.  I'm a mother of 3, no longer in my 20's.  I'm starting to pay attention to my skin care.  I want to stay youthful for a long time.  I think diet will really help this.  Eating well makes me feel like I'm taking care of everything that I find beautiful about myself on the outside as well as my inside organs & such.  I'm happy with my progress.  Being good to myself & eating well will help me to continue to love myself as I age.  I feel confident about that.

Some good reading on this subject right here.  I love her 80/20 rule.  Also, this is what 5 lbs. of fat looks like?  I'm happy to have lost 2 of those!  Trying to remember that image when I get discouraged that the scale is not moving fast enough.

- I love my husband.  You guys, this month has been so awesome for our relationship.  Things change when you go through a pregnancy & a new baby.  It takes a toll on your relationship big time.  In some ways it is amazing & positive & in other ways it is just draining.  The poor men!  We get pregnant & all of the sudden we're telling them not to touch us or even breathe on us.  Like, "Don't come near me because I don't even want to smell you or feel you breath."  Not that Dylan smells bad, we just don't want to smell anything or have anything touch us!  Then there is the adjustment to life once that cute baby comes & sleep deprivation & well, you all know how it is.

Lately, I feel so much like my old self again!  It is wonderful.  Dylan & I are so happy & in love with each other.  The fire still burns (always has).  But it's super bright these days & I sorta feel like we're dating again.  It's that fun.  Makes me happy.  :)

Oh and a side note, have I ever told you that Dylan said my thin lips look like a moving rubber band stuck on my face?  See the photo above.  Ha ha ha!  It's okay.  I know he thinks my thin lips are hot.

February was a good month!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Have you been dying to see Finnegan's thighs?  I thought so.

This baby... so good to nibble on.  He's a chunk, no denying that.  Reminds me so much of Sadie when she was a baby.  Pudgy, no neck & zooming through the clothes sizes.  He's 5 months old.  He can still fit in some 6 month clothes but is most comfortable in 9 month.

Need to get some photos of him in his diaper.  I'm waiting until he's a little happier.  We've got some hardcore teething going on these days.  And can I just say, I love teething tablets.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

My Vintage Pyrex Collection

I am a casual vintage pyrex collector.  I guess that means that I only purchase pieces as I come across them at the thrift store & I'll only buy for reasonable prices.  I'm pretty pleased with my collection at this point & hope it can grow with more pieces in the happiest colors. 

We use these dishes quite regularly.  Often they are filled with our vegetables or salad on the dinner table & those big cinderella mixing bowls have been holding popcorn lately.

One day I hope to have a really pretty display of them on open shelves in my kitchen or dining room.

Want more pyrex?  You can browse through photos in the Pyrex Love flickr group.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

New Happy Birthday Banners

I have some new Happy Birthday Banners for sale in the etsy shop! 

I've made a few Happy Birthday garlands in the past & I loved them, but they were just taking me too long to make.  So I hired my graphic designer sister, Kimberly Church, to help me design some flags & I had them printed onto fabric.

I am super, super happy with how they turned out.  These can be reused over & over so they can be hung up for every family members birthday!  Isn't that fun? 

Makes me think about my Mom's nativity set.  All of us kids want it.  It reminds us of such happy holiday memories from when we were kids.  This Happy Birthday garland could be the same for your kids if you brought it out for every birthday.  I guarantee it will last that long!

I am offering these banners for preorder right now & plan to ship out any orders within 3 weeks.  You can go grab one for yourself here!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Thrift Finds - Vintage Sheets & Fabric

Most thrift stores run sales on holidays.  Quite often it's a 50% off sale.  Some stores will offer this discount for the whole store & others it is just for certain departments.  I was happy to learn that my favorite local thrift store chain (Savers) was offering 50% off for Presidents' Day & lucky for me the bed & bath department was included! 

The stores tend to be very busy on these particular sale days, so if you are going shopping, you'll want to be there as soon as the store opens, so that somebody else doesn't walk off with all the good stuff.

I hit up 3 stores on Monday morning & felt quite happy with my finds.  It was a good day for finding basic polka dots & stripes.  I love, love, love finding these in good colors & in good condition.  These basic prints when mixed in with vintage florals in my projects really update them & give them a modern feel.  All three of these polka dot sheets are originally from Target, that blue stripe makes my heart beat a little faster & the orange stripe is fabric yardage from the 'material' rack.

Here are my vintage sheet finds of the day.  Love that first blue floral.  I think I've only ever had that print in pink.  The yellow is lovely & that last floral print is so sweet + cute.

Found a few pillowcases too:

And a cute piece of green floral, again from the 'material' rack.  I think this needs to become a cute summer skirt for one of my girlies.

So pay attention to the sale calendar at your local thrifts.  If you enjoy finding treasures & getting a good deal as much as I do, you'll really love hitting up the stores on special sale days.  :)

Monday, February 20, 2012


We took advantage of a day off from school + work & headed to Valley of Fire for some family time today.  A good time was had by all.  Hooray for successful family outings! 

Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Etsy Faves

Fiber is Cool

Hi!  Happy Friday!  Our alligator pull toy has been wearing 3D glasses for a week now.  Kids are so clever!

While we are here eating our lunch & listening to The Whitest Boy Alive, I felt the need to tell you about a high fiber snack the kids & I have been enjoying for the last few months.  It's Cracklin' Oat Bran!!!

Sadie's urologist introduced us to Cracklin' Oat Bran at her first visit.  Because constipation can lead to UTI's she needs to eat lots of fiber & drink lots of water.  They suggest this cereal for a high fiber snack.  We all love it & I pack it in little baggies for a snack when we leave the house.  They taste like cinnamon graham crackers. 

I shared some with a friend recently while we waited for a church meeting to start.  She said, "What is that!?  It looks like horse food!"  But she tried & enjoyed & then ended up buying some Cracklin' Oat Bran to snack on with her daughter.  She won her daughter over to them by telling her that it's Claire's favorite snack & now they are in the Cracklin' Oat Bran club too!!!

Woohoo!  Yay for fiber!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Food & Family Love

Since having kids, it's our Valentine's tradition to have take out at home.  We choose a favorite restaurant & Dylan brings some food home when he gets off work.  This year we got tamales + chips & guac from Dona Maria.  Oh those tamales are delicious!  Love 'em! 

I looked back & found a few Valentine's takeout meal photos from years past.  Looks like I only photographed two previous years.  I need to be better about that.  I totally remember sitting & enjoying these 2 meals with Dylan back when we lived in Ohio, but I can't even remember what we had last year.

We also celebrated a birthday for Dylan over the weekend.  In-N-Out for lunch, pizza with friends for dinner & birthday cake.  It's been a weekend of bad eating.  I'm hanging out at a 10 lbs. weight loss, so today I am back on my best behavior eating wise.  Green smoothie for lunch!!

It's fun to have my husband's birthday so close to Valentine's Day.  It's a few days in a row of celebrating him + my great love for him.  Pretty awesome. 

Dylan took Sadie to go see Star Wars Episode I in 3D this weekend.  Seemed like a special moment, because Dylan & I actually met while going with a group of friends to that movie lots of years ago.  Now he was taking our very excited 7 year old daughter to go see it.  So cute.  I snapped a couple photos of them before they headed out to the show.

I'm such a lucky girl.  I love them all so much.  I'm feeling especially grateful that I have such an awesome husband.  We are best friends + partners in all things.  We laugh together, we make all decisions together & we have a lot of fun together.  :)

Wednesday, February 08, 2012


Those blue eyes, that round face, that open mouth, those eyebrows & that cute hairline.  You guys, I love this face!

I am never disappointed when I take 20 minutes to set up a little impromptu photo shoot with my babies.  Today I threw a blanket over a chair & positioned Finn in front of an open door.  Then I got down on the ground & snapped a few shots.  Probably about 15 total before he decided to mess his diaper. 

He is the sweetest boy & I love him like crazy.  So here's Finn today, coming up on 5 months old.  
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