Wednesday, February 08, 2012


Those blue eyes, that round face, that open mouth, those eyebrows & that cute hairline.  You guys, I love this face!

I am never disappointed when I take 20 minutes to set up a little impromptu photo shoot with my babies.  Today I threw a blanket over a chair & positioned Finn in front of an open door.  Then I got down on the ground & snapped a few shots.  Probably about 15 total before he decided to mess his diaper. 

He is the sweetest boy & I love him like crazy.  So here's Finn today, coming up on 5 months old.  


chris said...

Such a sweet boy. I am so glad he has you for a mama.

chanel said...

how is he FIVE months!?!? CRAZY!
he is sooooo adorable!! CANDACE, he really is!!!
That last picture makes me think of Dylan so much.
Good for you too, you got awesome skillz- I thought you were going to say Heather took these. NICE JOB!

annie and m said...

He is a handsome little sweetie. Impromptu photo shoots are so much fun!

Melissa said...

So darling! I like the new site layout...but please add this little darling to your profile!

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