Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Food & Family Love

Since having kids, it's our Valentine's tradition to have take out at home.  We choose a favorite restaurant & Dylan brings some food home when he gets off work.  This year we got tamales + chips & guac from Dona Maria.  Oh those tamales are delicious!  Love 'em! 

I looked back & found a few Valentine's takeout meal photos from years past.  Looks like I only photographed two previous years.  I need to be better about that.  I totally remember sitting & enjoying these 2 meals with Dylan back when we lived in Ohio, but I can't even remember what we had last year.

We also celebrated a birthday for Dylan over the weekend.  In-N-Out for lunch, pizza with friends for dinner & birthday cake.  It's been a weekend of bad eating.  I'm hanging out at a 10 lbs. weight loss, so today I am back on my best behavior eating wise.  Green smoothie for lunch!!

It's fun to have my husband's birthday so close to Valentine's Day.  It's a few days in a row of celebrating him + my great love for him.  Pretty awesome. 

Dylan took Sadie to go see Star Wars Episode I in 3D this weekend.  Seemed like a special moment, because Dylan & I actually met while going with a group of friends to that movie lots of years ago.  Now he was taking our very excited 7 year old daughter to go see it.  So cute.  I snapped a couple photos of them before they headed out to the show.

I'm such a lucky girl.  I love them all so much.  I'm feeling especially grateful that I have such an awesome husband.  We are best friends + partners in all things.  We laugh together, we make all decisions together & we have a lot of fun together.  :)


Ellen said...

This is a great post! How cool that you can share Star Wars with your little ones, when its extra special to you two as a couple.

Dylan said...

So white. So squinty.

chanel said...

im loving these pictures!! wow does finn look like you! and im VERY jealous that sadie todd is wearing shorts. whatever!!

glad you've been having fun.
happy birthday dylan!!

tweed fox said...

What a Great day!

I just had to comment on your pyrex dishes! I love me some daisy and snowflakes. :) Really gorgeous!

Candace said...

Yay! Dylan actually put the food out in those. Super cute, huh?

I was planning to do a post about my pyrex collection here soon. It's still a small collection, but just felt like sharing. :)

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