Wednesday, February 22, 2012

New Happy Birthday Banners

I have some new Happy Birthday Banners for sale in the etsy shop! 

I've made a few Happy Birthday garlands in the past & I loved them, but they were just taking me too long to make.  So I hired my graphic designer sister, Kimberly Church, to help me design some flags & I had them printed onto fabric.

I am super, super happy with how they turned out.  These can be reused over & over so they can be hung up for every family members birthday!  Isn't that fun? 

Makes me think about my Mom's nativity set.  All of us kids want it.  It reminds us of such happy holiday memories from when we were kids.  This Happy Birthday garland could be the same for your kids if you brought it out for every birthday.  I guarantee it will last that long!

I am offering these banners for preorder right now & plan to ship out any orders within 3 weeks.  You can go grab one for yourself here!


Beth @ the city said...

the colors are so happy!

juli said...

Check out beautiful Marimekko fabrics for your projects!

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