Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Things I Learned in February

 - Trying to get a photo of myself for this post with Finn in hand was quite funny.  I captured the many ridiculous faces that I make when trying to get him to smile.  Today I'm feeling open enough to share some with you.

- Not talking on the phone while driving in the car is a tough habit to break.  Someone in our family got a ticket.  It wasn't me, but I was the one he was talking to when it happened.  We're all obeying the law now, but I still find myself reaching for the phone often while driving only to put it back down again. 

- I listened to this podcast over at paper n stitch this month.  One point was brought up...if you want to add something new to your life, you have to be prepared to let something else go.  It's so true.  We can't keep adding more & more & expect to get it all done without any stress.  It's impossible.  I feel like I've only been adding.  Some things have got to go....perhaps some computer time.

- My weight loss this month was a bit slower than last month.  I lost 4 lbs.  A pound a week.  I'll happily take that!  My total lost since the beginning of the year is now 11 lbs.  I have 10 more to lose to get to my pre-pregnancy weight & if I can lose another 10 on top of that I'll be over the moon!

Still haven't found time to exercise (see the above topic) but I am continuing eating well.  I feel great inside.  I feel the urge to exercise, just not the time.  Feeling like I've entered another stage in my life.  I'm a mother of 3, no longer in my 20's.  I'm starting to pay attention to my skin care.  I want to stay youthful for a long time.  I think diet will really help this.  Eating well makes me feel like I'm taking care of everything that I find beautiful about myself on the outside as well as my inside organs & such.  I'm happy with my progress.  Being good to myself & eating well will help me to continue to love myself as I age.  I feel confident about that.

Some good reading on this subject right here.  I love her 80/20 rule.  Also, this is what 5 lbs. of fat looks like?  I'm happy to have lost 2 of those!  Trying to remember that image when I get discouraged that the scale is not moving fast enough.

- I love my husband.  You guys, this month has been so awesome for our relationship.  Things change when you go through a pregnancy & a new baby.  It takes a toll on your relationship big time.  In some ways it is amazing & positive & in other ways it is just draining.  The poor men!  We get pregnant & all of the sudden we're telling them not to touch us or even breathe on us.  Like, "Don't come near me because I don't even want to smell you or feel you breath."  Not that Dylan smells bad, we just don't want to smell anything or have anything touch us!  Then there is the adjustment to life once that cute baby comes & sleep deprivation & well, you all know how it is.

Lately, I feel so much like my old self again!  It is wonderful.  Dylan & I are so happy & in love with each other.  The fire still burns (always has).  But it's super bright these days & I sorta feel like we're dating again.  It's that fun.  Makes me happy.  :)

Oh and a side note, have I ever told you that Dylan said my thin lips look like a moving rubber band stuck on my face?  See the photo above.  Ha ha ha!  It's okay.  I know he thinks my thin lips are hot.

February was a good month!


The Hunter's Prize said...

Aw, you and Finn are so cute!

Gingiber said...

Ah, thank you for writing this. I am still the same weight I was when I left the hospital with Violet! (the scale has gone up and down). I look forward to feeling like my old self again. And you are absolutely right about when you add things to your life something else has to go... I am still figuring out what needs to go in my life!


chanel said...

this was so awesome to read! love how happy you sound. and man are you BEAUTIFUL! SERIOUS.

Biz said...

Congrats on losing the 11 lbs thus far!
I had my first baby in September and I am just now back to my pre-baby weight.
You'll get there! I think the winter months are harder for trying to lose weight...maybe that is just me!
You look amazing though :)


crafterhours said...

um, I think you forgot:

- my hair looks drool worthy hot mama amaaaazing!


Candace said...

Ha! Thanks. We put some low lights in & some red last appointment. I wasn't sure at first but have come to really love it. Now I'm not sure next appointment if I'll do more blonde or red or what!

cowboybunny said...

I hear you on having three and no time to exercise. In years past I was always on top of it, but with teaching the kids, health stuffs, and in general being a mom and wife, eating healthy is my best bet. You look great! And you son is a doll!

Michelle said...

That's so true about the relationship thing with pregnancy and the new baby. I can relate. Glad you are feeling happy. You look great.

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