Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Thrift Finds - Vintage Sheets & Fabric

Most thrift stores run sales on holidays.  Quite often it's a 50% off sale.  Some stores will offer this discount for the whole store & others it is just for certain departments.  I was happy to learn that my favorite local thrift store chain (Savers) was offering 50% off for Presidents' Day & lucky for me the bed & bath department was included! 

The stores tend to be very busy on these particular sale days, so if you are going shopping, you'll want to be there as soon as the store opens, so that somebody else doesn't walk off with all the good stuff.

I hit up 3 stores on Monday morning & felt quite happy with my finds.  It was a good day for finding basic polka dots & stripes.  I love, love, love finding these in good colors & in good condition.  These basic prints when mixed in with vintage florals in my projects really update them & give them a modern feel.  All three of these polka dot sheets are originally from Target, that blue stripe makes my heart beat a little faster & the orange stripe is fabric yardage from the 'material' rack.

Here are my vintage sheet finds of the day.  Love that first blue floral.  I think I've only ever had that print in pink.  The yellow is lovely & that last floral print is so sweet + cute.

Found a few pillowcases too:

And a cute piece of green floral, again from the 'material' rack.  I think this needs to become a cute summer skirt for one of my girlies.

So pay attention to the sale calendar at your local thrifts.  If you enjoy finding treasures & getting a good deal as much as I do, you'll really love hitting up the stores on special sale days.  :)


Lora said...

what great finds! i esp love that gold print. :)

Britni Wing said...

I absolutely love the green floral fabric. I am completely jealous. :)

Anonymous said...

So pretty! I have a serious vintage pillow case problem...lol. I'm pinning your pic, they are so fun and colorful!

Thanks for linking up!

chrissy said...

oh, wow! i am in desperate need of new{to me} bedding so these finds are making me feel very inspired... and a little bit jealous also! ;) well done.


Anonymous said...

I love vintage linens! Happy place =)

Anonymous said...

Okay, so here's a question. I have a few vintage linens that I love SO much, and I have all of these ideas to use tham as fabric in projects, but I simply cant bring myself to cut them up! Did you ever struggle with this? And if so, how did you overcome the feeling?! {you can email me if thats easier: ambrosiaclark@yahoo.com}

Candace said...

I just figure that they might as well be used. And if there is a print that I just can't stand to run out of, I figure that I'll (hopefully) be able to find someone selling the same print online if I ever need more.

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