Thursday, February 02, 2012

Winter Photo Challenge Wrap Up

So my daily photo challenge for the month of January has come to an end.  I'm so very happy that I decided to do it!  Some days I struggled to even take one photo, but other days I had a hard time deciding on just one photo to share for the day.  Overall, I'm pleased with how many more photos I took than I normally do.  I'm glad it nudged me to take photos more often & for that reason I plan to take up this challenge once for each season of the year.

Have a look at some of the extra photos that I loved this month but didn't share in my daily posts:

Looking back at these photos makes me realize just how long & short a month can seem.  So many events that happened in these photos seem like they were ages ago when it's really only been days or weeks ago.

I've already forgotten how excited Claire was that she learned to pump her legs correctly on the swing at the park.  And that night when the sunset turned the whole sky pink....I'd forgotten about that already too.  So glad that I have them captured in photographs & I hope I continue to keep clicking even though I'm not making it a requirement that I post a photo every day this month.


Anonymous said...

Candace, this idea rocks. I might just have to try it out as well some day...we'll see.I hope your February is as filled with happy memories as January was.

chanel said...

oh my gosh! these not used are AWESOME! I can see why it was hard to pick just one! YES, keep clicking, I LOVE your family and your perspective.

Erin L said...

I loved your daily photo challenge. I think I might have to do that sometime soon. And your little boy is super cute!

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