Thursday, March 15, 2012

6 Months

Finn is 6 months old today.

Check him out on the same quilt when he was just a bitty little guy.

I have no idea how much he weighs.  We haven't made it to his 6 month well check yet.  He's a big boy, but so perfectly squishy & just a joy to kiss & nibble on.

He's such a happy baby.  Besides waking up for 3 night time feedings (Good heavens, Boy!) I really have no complaints.  He makes me want to have another baby.  I love my boy.

*** Finn rolled over earlier this month, he's working on sitting up, we've started feeding him solids & he wears size 4 diapers already.


kristin said...

He is so adorable and so scrumptious!! Look at those chubby legs! Yum! :)

Rebeccarama said...

wow that is a big boy! i have a tiny 2 year old boy that I just barely switched to size 4. finn looks like fun to snuggle with! and i love his name!

chanel said...

oh wow! that first picture is awesome! he is DARLING! he makes ME want to have another baby. the comparison between now and when he was just born is incredible!! he is all MAN, i think the 3 night time feedings might have something to do with it. more power to you, those feedings can get rough, but they are also some of my most favorite times with my babies, he'll grow out of them, and you'll miss those dark quiet moments.

Biz said...

It's so good to see BIG healthy babies!
Our little one is 5-1/2 months, wears size 3 diapers and weighs in at a whopping 23lbs!
Lots of rolls and belly to love on!!!
We haven't rolled over yet, but I think her belly gets in her way ;)
And we just tried to start oatmeal and she hates it hahahaha!
I love these pictures of your little guy!


amanda said...

for real those legs are to die for.. what makes us moms go crazy over them. he is so cute.

Kelly said...

Those little baby feet! Be still my heart. What a cutie (:

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