Monday, April 30, 2012

Daily Photo :: 30

For a week last fall, Dylan worked long hours while a film crew came & taped at the advertising firm where he works for the new reality show The Pitch.  Tonight their episode aired on AMC.  We, of course, had it marked on the calender & watched to see any sightings of Dylan.  It was weird to see my husband & his work in some of the shots.  Just strange, but good marketing for the firm, I suppose.

And, yes, that is our TV.  We've had it since we got married almost 12 years ago.  Don't be jealous of how cheap nonmaterialistic we are.  And that hand weight is needed to push those AV plugs down so that everything works when we watch DVDs or the Wii.  We are so fancy.


Anna said...

Wow! Netflix has had the first episode on streaming for a little while, so I watched it last week. I had no idea your husband worked there. How neat!

chanel said...

there is so much awesomeness in this post i can hardly contain myself.
how fun to see dylan on that show!
i wasn't going to be jealous, until you explained the hand-weight's purpose. that is seriously the coolest- I mean really think about it, the best memories are when you look back and just LAUGH at how things were.

you guys are my favorites.

rose said...

I'm with you, Candace. If it works and you're happy with it, it is all good! :)

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