Thursday, May 31, 2012

Easy Crockpot Turkey Meatballs

I found this recipe on pinterest a while back.  Here's a link to the site that the recipe comes from.

I'm on the lookout for really simple & easy meals for the summer.  For this one, you just throw these ingredients into the crockpot.  A jar of chili sauce & a jar of grape jelly.  Mix them together & then add frozen turkey meatballs.  Cook on low for 2-5 hours.

They can be served over rice or egg noodles.  

I have the most awesome, crockpot, you guys.  It is hunter green & has a beautiful ivy motif on the side.  It is lovely.  I chickened out on showing you a photo of it.  But it works & truly that's all that matters to me.  :)

Now, I realize that these meatballs are not the most nutritious.  I skipped out or serving them with rice or noodles because we are trying to cut back our carbs around here.  I couldn't pass up these beautiful vegetables though when I saw them on my weekly shopping trip to Fresh & Easy.  So I heated them up & called it good!

Do you have any go to summer meals that are easy to prepare & that everybody in the family will eat?

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I'm on instagram now & let me tell you...that is where the party is! Seems I haven't taken any photos with my actual camera in a few weeks. Oops! Anyway, come find me on intagram. My name is candacetodd.

Dylan & I celebrated our 12th anniversary this weekend.  We went out to eat at a nice french restaraunt & spent the weekend telling each other why we love each other so much.  We even did the math & figured out that we've been married for 4,383 days.  Well, 4,385 days now.  :)

We ended up in the ER with Finn a few weeks back.  He had another asthma flare up which seemed to be triggered by a day when there was a ton of dust in the air outside.  After a few days of breathing treatments with no improvements to his wheezing + a fairly high temperature, we took him in & after he was given an oral steroid, he started improving.  Each day got better & he's been doing great.  We are continuing to give him breathing treatments until we go to see a pediatric lung specialist late in June.  I'm anxious to meet with this new doctor & eager to get more information about buddy boy's condition.  I'm pleased that he is doing well & that we are headed in the right direction with becoming educated about his medical needs.

I'm anxious for school to be out for summer & so is Sadie.  We're feeling like we're ready to be done with school drop off & pick up + homework!  Yes, few more weeks & we can start sleeping in...maybe.

Anyway, come find me on instagram to see a little bit more of our day to day.  I'm addicted.  :)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Colorful Birthday Garlands

I got a request for a custom name garland this week.  Well, yesterday actually.  The mama wanted her twin boys names to hang along with my Happy Birthday garland.  Isn't it the cutest?! 

The birthday party is this weekend, So I stayed up pretty late last night getting these made.  Why did I take this last minute custom request?  Because I knew that I had all the info needed from the customer & I could fulfill her request + I like making money.  So I'm off to overnight these cuties to her so that they are ready for the twin boys' big day.

By the way, Those little letters can be hard to stitch around, so I choose to use ultra strong Heat n Bond.  It's good stuff.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Take Your Daughter to Work Day

Last week, Sadie went to work with Dylan for Take Your Son or Daughter to Work Day.  Our school district was a bit later than the rest of the nation, because we happened to have testing during the actual Take Your Son or Daughter to Work Day.

Anyway, Sadie was over the moon excited & SK+G didn't disappoint.  She got to design her own logo using her name, hang out with Dad & go to lunch at In-N-Out.  Her favorite was when they inserted the kids faces into movie posters.  On the phone, she told me all about the green screen & how they cropped out her body & hair & just used her face & how she chose to be Black Widow from The Avengers.  When she got home, we finally got to see her poster!

Awesome, right? 

Of course, the poster went with her to school the next day so that she could show all of her friends & classmates.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day!

I sure love my crew!  I'm thankful for each one of these kids & so happy that I get to be their mama.

We had a good day & I got the present I wanted!  So I'm on instagram now & I love it!  Come find me & we'll be friends.  My name is candacetodd.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Saturday Song

You guys, I love Hall & Oates.

Anytime that I get in the car and Hall & Oates comes on the radio is deemed an awesome day.  "Rich Girl" is the song that stared it all of for me.

And lately we've been obsessed with "I Can't Go For That" because of this awesome cover.

Yes, indeed.  Enjoy! 

Friday, May 11, 2012

Opening in Vegas: The Container Store

Yesterday I was lucky enough to attend an event for local bloggers at the brand new Container Store at Town Square in Las Vegas.  We were treated to a delicious lunch & a sneak peek of the store.  Plus they sent us home with awesome gift bags full of fun products!

Take a look at some areas of the store that caught my eye:

Those wire baskets stole my heart.  I love pretty baskets.

They didn't have their cash registers set up yet, because they were planning for a big party that night.  (That's why there are forks & napkins in all of the displays.)  So we weren't unable to purchase anything.  Otherwise I'm pretty sure these laundry baskets would have come home with me:

Love them.  And they are on sale.  Even better!

The Container Store in Las Vegas opens tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Finney Boy

Finn already has 3 teeth, but he's got 5 more that are currently coming in.  Things must feel weird in there for him because he's always pulling his lips in these days.  I wanted to take some photos of him before he stops doing it.  It is super cute.

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Good Heavens

Seems I have forgotten about the blog!  That however, is something I will never feel bad about.  Blogging is not number one on my list.  It's a bit further down. 

I do very much wish that I had more hours in the day.  Somehow, I think that even if that came to be, I'd still have more on my "want to do list" then ever possible to accomplish.  Why do we do that to ourselves?  I guess that as long as we don't let it stress us out or become disappointed with ourselves it's all good.  :)
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