Monday, May 14, 2012

Take Your Daughter to Work Day

Last week, Sadie went to work with Dylan for Take Your Son or Daughter to Work Day.  Our school district was a bit later than the rest of the nation, because we happened to have testing during the actual Take Your Son or Daughter to Work Day.

Anyway, Sadie was over the moon excited & SK+G didn't disappoint.  She got to design her own logo using her name, hang out with Dad & go to lunch at In-N-Out.  Her favorite was when they inserted the kids faces into movie posters.  On the phone, she told me all about the green screen & how they cropped out her body & hair & just used her face & how she chose to be Black Widow from The Avengers.  When she got home, we finally got to see her poster!

Awesome, right? 

Of course, the poster went with her to school the next day so that she could show all of her friends & classmates.


Hambergoosa said...

that is seriously awesome!

chanel said...

aw dang! super cool!
how sweet to have the dad with the coolest job!

sugar chen said...

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