Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I'm on instagram now & let me tell you...that is where the party is! Seems I haven't taken any photos with my actual camera in a few weeks. Oops! Anyway, come find me on intagram. My name is candacetodd.

Dylan & I celebrated our 12th anniversary this weekend.  We went out to eat at a nice french restaraunt & spent the weekend telling each other why we love each other so much.  We even did the math & figured out that we've been married for 4,383 days.  Well, 4,385 days now.  :)

We ended up in the ER with Finn a few weeks back.  He had another asthma flare up which seemed to be triggered by a day when there was a ton of dust in the air outside.  After a few days of breathing treatments with no improvements to his wheezing + a fairly high temperature, we took him in & after he was given an oral steroid, he started improving.  Each day got better & he's been doing great.  We are continuing to give him breathing treatments until we go to see a pediatric lung specialist late in June.  I'm anxious to meet with this new doctor & eager to get more information about buddy boy's condition.  I'm pleased that he is doing well & that we are headed in the right direction with becoming educated about his medical needs.

I'm anxious for school to be out for summer & so is Sadie.  We're feeling like we're ready to be done with school drop off & pick up + homework!  Yes, few more weeks & we can start sleeping in...maybe.

Anyway, come find me on instagram to see a little bit more of our day to day.  I'm addicted.  :)


chanel said...

happy anni! love that picture. did you get a fancy fone? is that how you instagram??? remember how YOU taught me to blog- that went well...

poor mr finn! love that you have plan inplace, it always feels more doable when there is a plan. and so glad he's doing better! he sure is darling!!

and can i just say, there is sooooo much LESS sleeping NOW that school is out, it is depressing. luckily i have a couple of nappers and older ones who can hang & not disturb, cause 11:30 bedtime and 5:30 wake ups are KILLIN me.

miss ya!
love ya!

Heather B said...

Hope little man is doing good! I saw the picture of In-N-Out and I'm jealous! lol I'm from Texas and my husband introduced me to In-N-Out in 2006 (he's from So Cal) and Texas just got In-N-Out (Dallas) and the army sent us to SC. I can't win! I could go for a Double Double Animal Style right now w/ a Chocolate milkshake!

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