Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Kids Summer Camp at Home - Box City

Other than swimming lessons, I don't plan to put my kids in any other classes or camps this summer.  So I'm hoping to fill their summer days with lots of fun & inexpensive activities around the house.  The type of activities that will keep them engaged & off of the computer.  :)

I saw this amazing box city on pinterest & knew my girls would have fun making their own.  So we pulled all of the saved shipping boxes out of the closet & they got to work.  They spent a whole afternoon building it & I helped with the glue gun.  We finished it around bath time & I really had to work hard to pull them away to get ready for bed.  They were so happy with their creation & they just wanted to play!

I think that if my girls were a little bit older they would have spent more time building their city & adding details.  They were just so very excited to get this thing made. 

Thumbs up for this activity.  They are still playing with it a week later! 


AshleyZ said...


craftmates said...

Hi Candace,

I just wanted to let you know that I made some throw pillow covers from your tutorial and linked your blog on my site.

Here's the link:

Virna from Craftmates

Anonymous said...

Such a great idea! I actually gave my daughter a box (a-hem...a fat tire beer box) and she made little cottage for her barbies...kept her busy for a solid hour and half. I imagine this would keep her busy all afternoon! -erin

Rolyndia said...

I love this idea. I know I don;t hardly ever leave comments, but I truly enjoy your blog. Thanks for keeping it updated all the time.

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