Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Brand New Glasses

It's that time of year!  We usually take Sadie for her yearly eye exam during the summer & then get her a new pair of glasses before school starts.  For the past few years our insurance has covered a new pair for her.  This year we learned that they are now covering the cost of a new pair every other year with this being our off year. 

We weren't really looking forward to the cost of a new pair, but then we heard that JC Penney is offering complete pairs of kids glasses for only $25!  Seriously!  So we got her two new pairs.

This sale is only good for the month of August, so if you are interested, you better hustle your booty over there!!

Sadie fell in love with the frames pictured here.  Dylan & I were actually pushing for her to choose another pair.  Look how adorable she is in them!  I think our daughter is cooler than us.  :)


New Duds said...

those are so cute and look great on her, great choice! :)

annie and m said...

They are so sweet on her! I have been wanting frames just like that - so jealous ;)

Katie Lewis said...

She is so cool!

Marty said...

Those glasses look GREAT on her! Love the vintage flair!

kristin said...

she is such a cutie and i love her new specs! great pick, sadie!

Biz said...

What a great deal!
And yes she is freaking adorable in those glasses!
The best part about her picking them out is that she'll feel more confident if she loves what she's wearing, you guys are awesome!

Yvette said...

How adorable!

heather darling said...

How cute is she! What a doll. I thin she chose a great pair.

Pearlie Mccubbin said...

Sadie is so cute! And Biz is right. Sadie will feel good with her new specs because she chose it herself. I suddenly remembered when my mom gave me a thick pair of nerdy glasses when I was young, and I absolutely loathed wearing it. When I was able to choose my next pair, I almost jumped from excitement. Good job in letting her make her choice!

Pearlie Mccubbin

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