Monday, August 27, 2012

School's In!

 I sent these two cuties off to school today.  Sadie's in 3rd grade & Claire is starting Kindergarten.  Everything went well.  The girls both really like their teachers & I like them too.  The day was a bit rocky at times.  They start an hour earlier than last year with the first bell ringing at 7:50am.  So I blame all emotional flare ups on that one.  We've got to get used to being early risers.  The good news is that they went to bed early tonight!  We were wiped out!  Fingers crossed tomorrow is even better!

How'd they get so big?!!


Ryan said...

7:50 is EARLY! Holy moly. That was us last year, and I have to say Im loving this extra time in the morning, but you'll get use to it, and the perk is definitely early to bed! NICE!
Seriously Claire is in kinder!! CRAZY!!

Erin L said...

So cute! That is such an early day. Please tell me they get out pretty early too.

Heather said...

what little cuties!!!

amanda said...

your girls are so pretty and big

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