Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012

So, we've had a lot of fun around the Todd household this Halloween.  Dylan & I dressed up as gender swapped old people.  He even rigged up some saggy boobies for his costume.

Sadie was Marceline the Vampire Queen & Claire was Princess Bubblegum, both are characters from Adventure Time.  I sewed Claire's dress & made her crown.  Dylan made Sadie's ax guitar.  I really, really, really dislike sewing costumes.  But I'm always happy with the results & for this one I learned to put in my very first zipper.  So yay me!  :)  But I'm not that awesome, cause I can see in this photo that the elastic gathering in one of her sleeves came undone.  Oh well.  It's a costume.  They were both over the moon with the end results.  That's what matters.

Finn was an ewok.  This costume was made by my sister-in-law for her little boy a few years back.  I had the hardest time getting a photo of Finn.  That boy won't hold still for anything!!

Good times.  These girls ended up with way too much candy though.  Like way too much.  We'll see how that all goes down!  :)


chanel said...

OH! MY! ....Dylan's picture is..... there are no words! You guys are sooooo FUN!!! And FUNNY!!! LOVE IT and makes me miss you so much!

WAY to freakin go with the costumes!! YOU RULE! All that stress and look at how fabulous! Sadie and Claire are such a contrast of each other! FINN! He's darling, even on the go!

Glad this holiday is DONE!

Erin L said...

That surprises me that you have never put in a zipper. I am not good at it at all! Your girls look adorable.

annie and m said...

I love Todd's....uh....transformation. So funny! Our kids got tons of candy and we are taking some to donate to a local orthodontist office that is shipping it to soldiers overseas.

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