Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Mini Chalkboard Disply Sign Tutorial

Today I am showing you how to make these adorable mini chalkboard display signs.  These little signs are so cute & can be used for buffet table, wedding table numbers, craft show displays, or just around your house.

I was given the great opportunity to do a little shopping at a new online craft supply store called Consumer Crafts.  I found that they have a wide variety or really great products & the cheapskate in me just loved their awesome prices!  Shipping was also very quick.  I received my order in about a week.  I purchased the following supplies for this project from their website:

Galvanized metal pails - 2 3/4 inch
Wood dowels
Wood rectangle cutouts - 3 inch
Dry floral foam
Acrylic paint
Preserved sheet moss
Glue gun

In addition to the items above, I used the following supplies that I already had on hand:

Chalkboard paint
Foam paintbrushes
Painter's tape

Okay, here is how it's done...

Cut off a chunk of the dry floral foam & press it into the bottom of your pail.  You want it to fit snug.  I held the foam up to my bucket & then eyeballed it.  Just cut the foam off with a sharp kitchen knife.

Next tear off a little bit of moss & attach it to the top of the foam with hot glue. This moss is so fun!  I love, love, love it!!

Now it's time to paint both your dowel & your rectangle piece.  I chose a nice turquoise color.  I also cut a few inches off my dowel with scissors before painting, just cause it didn't need to be as long as it was or it would look weird in the end.

At this point, I hot glued my dowel to the back of my sign.  You could do this now, or wait until after you paint the chalkboard.

Apply painters tape around the edges of the sign to create the little turquoise border.  Then paint with chalkboard paint.  Paint one coat with brush strokes going in one direction.  Allow that to dry & then paint another coat with the brushstrokes going in the opposite direction.

Once dry, remove the painters tape.  Insert your dowel into the moss & floral foam in the center of the bucket.  And you're done!  You can remove the sign to write on it & then place it right back into the pail.

Check out Consumer Crafts today!  They really do offer a great selection of craft supplies at really great prices!  They also have an awesome blog, Crafts Unleashed.  And you can keep up with them through twitter, Facebook & Pinterest as well.

Also don't miss the Refer-A-Friend Contest they are currently running.  They are giving away $250 shopping sprees to 6 winners! 

I wrote this post as part of a paid campaign with Consumer Crafts and Blueprint Social.  The opinions in this post are my own.


chanel said...

Super cool! You rule. Im gonna have to check this place out! Now that you remembered you have a blog, I NEED baptism pictures!!!!
love ya!

annie and m said...

I love the project Candace - easy & cute! Now that I know why you had to make cookies (as seen on instagram) I am laughing....and hoping you have eaten some.

Jess@craftiness is not optional said...

love how this turned out-the aqua makes it pop! so adorable!

Cristina Love said...

Hello, Candace! Nice to find your blog! I'm looking for the blogger follow me widget to follow you on blogger, but I don't see it. You don't use it?!

Hugs and good thoughts,

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Zia Joaquin said...

Great tutorial. I'll be making these for my baby boy's safari theme candy buffet table.

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