Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Right Now Sadie is Loving...

*Oatmeal w/ brown sugar or toast w/ butter for breakfast.

*Puzzles...she's so good at them too...such a smarty.

*Books. She's started to act like she's reading the words out loud.

*Coloring!!! This is a big one! She's constantly asking for paper. I bought her a Hello Kitty coloring book at the dollar store today. She's going to town on it right now. I've noticed that she does actually try to color whatever is printed on the page. She's learned not to color on the table as well. I asked her to smile in this photo....this is the face she made. funny.

*Walking. Whenever we're away from home she wants to walk. The minute the car stops she says "walk". She wants to walk through the parking lot into stores, the whole time we're in the store (shopping carts are a nightmare now), & back out to the car. She does a good job of holding our hands. She also has to walk up & down the stairs to our apartment. Again she does a good job with holding our hands on the stairs.

Monday, March 27, 2006

New Haircut

This afternoon I got my hair done. More blonde highlights & I had her cut off my flippies. It's pretty short now, but I love it! I tried to take a picture of it & this is the best I got:

Looking at that photo reminds me...my skin is so horrible right now! It's like teenage oilwell skin. It sucks & I'm sick of it. Oh well.

And here is one of my out takes. Got a little goofy....because taking photos of yourself can sometimes do that to you. I think this is so creepy how my eye is cut off on the left. ewwww. Funny stuff.

Apparently I am a Toast Snob

Dylan informed me of this just this morning. I have this addiction to toast right now. I'll make up 2 slices...one with just butter...and one with butter & jam. Then I take bites, alternating between the two. Weird, I know. Anyway, I asked Dylan if he wanted toast this morning & he did. I told him we only had Home Pride wheat bread, no more Country Farms honey wheat berry (my preferred bread for toast these days). He said he was fine with the Home Pride & then proceeded to tell me that I am a toast snob.

Hmm...there you go.

Finished this last night...

It took me a while to work through this page. About 3 days actually. Kept walking away from it. I'm pretty pleased with it now. I love these photos!! Heather took them....thanks Heather for having your camera ready.

Friday, March 24, 2006

My Helper

Or "hepper" as Sadie says. She is so into being my helper right now. She helps me put the laundry in the washing machine (I hold her on my hip), she helps me put the laundry into the dryer, she pushes buttons on the microwave & the stereo, she helps me fold the towels....she takes all the rags & lays them flat on top of each other. Whenever I'm doing any cleaning with a rag, she has to go get one of her own out of the drawer & help me wipe the table, or dust. Today it was spot cleaning the carpet. She goes to the cabinet under the sink & I have to get out a cleaner spray bottle. I make a spraying sound effect & pretend to squirt cleaner on her rag. She makes the sound effect too & off she goes to clean.

I'm thinking that we'll get her this toy vacuum cleaner for her birthday. She was pretty into it at the store & she thinks our real vacuum is pretty cool. I know her birthday is a ways off but....just thinking ahead.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

It's Sunny Outside!!!!

Sunny & 45 degrees! It's gorgeous. I think we might try to talk Dylan into going on a walk with us this afternoon.

Not too much to report. We are watching LOST tonight!!! (We're always a day late because we download it from iTunes) So excited about that! I think we're going to have hamburgers for dinner. So yummy for a warm day.

Wanted to post a few pictures. Sadie eating her Fruit Loop necklace. She calls Fruit Loops "doops".

And one of her hair in the back. It's starting to really come in. I love the baby wave/curl that it has.

It's that time again when Sadie doesn't fit in any of her clothes. She needs a whole new wardrobe. New shoes & all. We've been getting stuff here & there, so I think she'll be all set up here soon. Still wearing her high-water pants though, until it's warm enough to wear her new capris.

Oh! Also! I just read Amber's blog. So excited for her & her decision to stop working. Even though she's been working from home, it's still stressful. So cool that she's taking that leap of faith. I know her family will be taken care of & she'll have more time & energy to spend with her boys. So cool Amber!

Monday, March 20, 2006

Live in the Now & Love It

It was cool to see Dylan's poster for the Hysterics hanging in store windows up & down Main Street. I had to take a picture. We're used to seeing his stuff up on campus....really neat to see it out in the community. Super cool.

I got a big order of photos from Snapfish! It's giving me the scrapbooking bug. I did these quick pages for a book I'm doing for Sadie. I had an idea to do this, but stole the 3 ring binder idea from Brooke. I'm doing photos of all of the extended family, so Sadie can get better at names. This spread is of all of Dylan's siblings. Sadie is really good at saying "Shannon" right now.

Sadie got sick on Saturday. I thought she was just being extra cuddly when she got up from her nap...& then she exploded with chunky throw up all over me. Poor thing. This is the stuff I'd always think about moms, before I became one....how do they just deal w/ the yucky stuff. Just get in & do it. I never really understood this. It is gross, but you just do it cause you love your child.

It was a hard day for me. So sad to see her crying & know she was really in pain. Or to hear her say "owie" after she'd throw up. I'm so happy that she's doing better.

There was a moment that night, when Dylan & I were having an argument....& realizing that we're both burned out....him on being a student...me on being a mom...both of us on being poor, & on the cold weather. It was 11:00pm. In the middle of this argument we were having...Sadie started throwing up in her crib. I rushed in to take care of her....put her in the bath...& Dylan changed her bedding & started a load of laundry. Sadie's hair was wet, so Dylan blow dried it while I held her...she laughed at it....and we all laughed. We sat on the bed & hugged each other & then all laid down & went to sleep in our bed. It was so beautiful....A nasty throw up situation to deal with...but a realization that my family is so close & happy...& it's so easy to let Satan in. To let us think that things suck, basically. When actually the life that we have is so beautiful. I don't want to let myself think....."when things are better. When Dylan gets a job...." Live in the now & Love it!

It's hard to explain the tingly, peaceful feeling I had that night....where basically I knew that my Heavenly Father is aware of me & my little family. We're not alone.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Where do I start....

We all got sick on Tuesday. It was not pretty. I had a crummy morning but felt better after our big family nap. Dylan took a little longer. He got the worst of it. Poor guy. I made some chicken noodle soup that night & it made us all a little happier.

Sadie has been so very extremely whiny. Been trying to figure it all out. Is it a stage? Is she not feeling well? She communicates her wants & needs very well. I understand when she says "juice" but then she has to make a big dramatic show in the 30 seconds it takes for me to get it for her. Is she that impatient? She doesn't like those things she has to do because she's a kid. Get in her car seat, sit in a shopping cart, have mommy help her brush her teeth, or undress her for a bath. She wants to do everything on her own. She's big. She's no different than mom & dad, right?

We've had a couple really bad days with her. Dylan & I have both had moments where we've just lost it. The constant.....& I mean constant whining just makes your brain go berserk. Trying so hard to keep our cool. To be patient. To give her a calm environment & maybe she'll in turn be a little more calm. I'm also going to try to stimulate her mind more during the day. Planning more activities. Coloring, bubbles.....maybe some play dough. We'll see.

We are all on an end of winter depression around here. We are so tired of snow. Tired of cold. Tired of being inside. I know when spring gets here it will all be worth it, because it will be so beautiful. The wait is just getting to us....big time.

In happier news: Sadie has taken her yell-singing to church. During the hymns, she sits up on the bench, opens a hymn book on her lap, waves her arms (like she's leading the music) and yell-sings. It's cute. So cute. But we're trying to teach her to be just a little quieter. I love that she likes music. That she wants to shake her bootie & yell it out when she sings. So cool.

Here's another self portrait. A place I am many times during the day....the kitchen sink. Doing dishes. Making meals. Washing hands. Depositing dirty sippy cups & snack bowls.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


This big girl wants to use a fork or spoon whenever she eats. She wants to do it all by herself. Here she is eating strawberry kiwi yogurt. The yogurt is the same color as her jammies, so you can't see just how much she got all over herself.

When she's finished eating, she turns her hands up and says "mess".

Monday, March 13, 2006


Today...I am feeling so much better. Woke up & made the decision that I was going to have a better attitude. Today I am going to be happy.

We had a good day yesterday. Sadie did excellent in sacrament meeting. She didn't have to go out in the foyer at all. She had a good time in nursery. Colored a picture of a fish & held on to it all the way home.

Amanda and her girls (Emma & Lily) came over for dinner last night. Eric was working. Dylan barbecued some chicken & we had baked beans & some other sides. A typical summer meal for us. We were pretending that it's warm out. Today....it's snowing. Anyway, we had a good time. We want to have guests over for dinner on Sunday nights more often.

Amanda usually picks me up in the morning to go to the gym. She didn't make it this morning, but I went anyway. Proud of myself. Usually when this happens I just go back to bed. Yay me!

Dylan was having a hard time getting out of bed this morning. Put on Hello Sunshine by Super Furry Animals. He finally got up & ready, just to get to school & find out he didn't have class today. I asked him if he wanted breakfast & he requested a fried egg & ham in between two pieces of toast. I decided to add some cheese in the mix & cooked it up like a grilled cheese sandwich. He loved it.

Just ordered this book from Amazon. It's called The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate. They are reading it for a book club in Relief Society. Sounded like such a cool book. I'm excited to get it. There's a version of the book for expressing love to your children as well. Hope to read that at a later date.

Stepped on the scale for the first time in a while. Gained some weight back. So not cool! I know that I've been snacking way too much lately. It's been a bit out of control. Just been feeding the monster that is my belly. Now I'm trying to put things back in order. I think a salad for lunch today sounds just great!!

Things that are making me happy today:
*Sadie saying "thank you" so much, without being prompted.
*All Dylan's recent work that he posted on his blog.
*Ordering a book for myself. (I guess $7 is okay to spend when you've been a little down).
*A clean bathroom.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Thoughts---warning: somewhat depressing

-Been feeling pretty "blah" the past couple days. Trying to get out of this funk. Wanted to do something to feel better. Thought about going shopping for spring clothes or for scrapbooking supplies. Not wanting to spend ANY money. Not wanting to even use gas to drive down to Idaho Falls. We went to Walmart here in town about 4 times this week. Not cool.

-Will spring ever come? Wanting so bad to be able to go to the park, or out for walks. Winter is dragging on just a little too long.

-Tried to scrapbook last night. Just wasn't feeling it. Got all my stuff out, just to put it right back up again.

-Pretty depressing post. Things are not that bad. Just don't have the energy to deal right now.

-Read through all my blog entries last night. Pretty interesting. Some stuff there that I'd already forgotten about. Isn't journaling great!?

-Went to a meeting at work earlier this week. Had to listen to the company owner in a speech he gave to the marketing executives. He asked whether they felt they had a great life or just a good life. I personally thought it was all a bunch of bologna. A "great" life = success? How do you measure success? It's so individual. Thought about my life right now. Good? or great? It's all about attitude & making the most with what you're given. I think my life is great. How could it not be when I have Dylan & Sadie in it? Sure I'd like to have enough money to cover the bills each month....but you know...it's all good....or should I say great.

-Looking forward to tomorrow. Going to church with my family & then spending time together at home.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

NYC 06

Dylan is working on a travel journal/scrapbook from his New York trip. It's a project for his travel study class. Such a cool assignment. Happy that we'll have a scrapbook of his trip when it's all done. Happy that he's done it all himself. Happy that it's heavy on the journaling. Happy that the journaling is all handwritten.

I'm not allowed to read it yet. Not until it's totally complete. I did flip through it though, & it looks super cool. He's done a great job.

So very cool.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

18 Months Old Today

Sadie Jane is 18 months old today. I can't believe this little person. She's changed our lives so much. I love this photo of her from a few days ago. Being curious, exploring & discovering. Playing with her shadow in the morning light through the kitchen window. Laughing & squealing. She wants to be big & in so many ways she is. But she's still my baby girl.

I thought about reading up on potty training on the internet today. Hmm...we'll see.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Take Your Time

Found this quote in my new Real Simple magazine that came today. Read over it quite a few times. Really liked it.

"The best reason to take your time is that this time is the only time you'll ever have. You must take it, or it will be taken from you. It is telling that the phrase "taking your time" is synonymous with slowing down. If we want to live life fully, we do best to slow down. I don't suggest that we turn back the clock, trying to retrieve a bygone era when life was slower. We couldn't, even if we wanted to. But I don't believe we should want to. We should revel in our electronically supercharged, unbounded world. But, to make the most out of this new world, to avoid feeling overbooked, overstretched, and about to snap, to make modern life become better than life has ever been, a person must learn how to do what matters most first. Otherwise, you will bulldoze over life's best moments. You won't notice the little charms that adorn each day, nor will you ever transform the mundane into the extraordinary."

-An excerpt from the new travel memoir Crazybusy, by Edward M. Hallowell, M.D.

Creative Mess

I've been getting a lot of scrapbooking done. Working on an album, which was supposed to be a baby gift for Chanel. An album for sweet, little Lauren Grace. She's now 3 months old. Luckily this gift isn't something one can grow out of. The album is looking great, if I do say so myself. Wish I could post some photos of the pages but I don't want to ruin the surprise.

In order to really get going when I scrapbook, I have to make a giant mess. Mess = Creativity ? I dunno. Anyway, I feel good after I've been able to scrapbook. I have a way to use that creative energy & it makes me happy.

It's been one full month without TV & I have to say that I love it. One less distraction. (the internet is still a huge distraction for me) But I can say that I get more done overall. Keep up on my chores. Scrapbook. It's all good. In the evenings when we're all home, we interact more, play more with Sadie. We play peek-a-boo under a blanket, tickle & dance. Once Sadie goes to bed, Dylan & I will watch a Netflix movie if we have one here, or we'll read books.

Sadie has started to sing. It sounds more like yelling, but it's singing. She sits down in front of her piano & waves her arms like she's leading the music in church.....and then she yell-sings. It's quite funny.

Our Camcorder gets here tomorrow!!!! YAY!!! Just thought of that. Woohoo!! Will have to get some video of Sadie singing.

Monday, March 06, 2006

I'm a Mom....Self Portrait

I always knew when I was younger that I wanted to be a mom when I grew up. My own Mom was such a great example. She always kept her cool, even with eight children. Every situation was manageable, could be fixed or worked through. Nothing was so major that the world was going to end. I am a very dramatic person, but I know that my mom's way of staying calm has rubbed off on me in a huge way. For some reason, I'm only dramatic when it comes to my emotions, not with dealing with life...just dealing with my feelings about life, if that makes any sense. Anyway, mom was fun. She was there. After school mom was there. Not with milk & cookies, but with an interest of how our day was & I believed that her interest was sincere & that she loved me. Because it was & she did. In high school there was a time when she'd pick me up from school. Just me. We'd have about 5 minutes until we got home, and we'd talk. I loved it. I talked to her like I would any of my friends at school. And mom laughed a lot (how could you not with 8 crazy kids). I love her laugh. She is still one of my favorite people to laugh with.

Anyway, I always wanted to be a mom...but it's still weird sometimes to think that I am a mom. I've been one for a while now, but still is a little weird. Maybe because I'm still the same person I was before I had my baby. Sure I've changed a lot & my life has changed a lot, but I'm still that girl that likes rock music & is in love with Dylan Todd. There's just a child that's been thrown in the mix now.

Things that have changed. Things that I do now. Things that make me happy. Happy to be a mom:

* my dishwasher is full of sippy cups
* little handprints everywhere
* change diapers
* wash my hands a million times a day
* drive a mini van
* cut food into little pieces
* toys in my bathtub
* never ending laundry
* I say words like "doggy" "horsie" & "poopy"

And with that, here is a self portrait I took the other day. Need to do this more. Read about a man that took a polaroid of himself every day for a year. He wanted to see himself age. See how his moods changed from day to day. Thought that it was a weird thing to do, but at the same time pretty dang cool. I need more photos of myself. I really have a difficult time being in front of the camera right now. I don't know why. I am very happy with myself right now. I guess I think that the photos don't really show that...Really I just need to relax & go with the flow.

This is me. 26 years old. Wife & mother. Happy to be me. Happy to be here in this apartment in Rexburg, Idaho with my husband & daughter...both of whom I think are super cool.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Funny Girl

We went down to Idaho Falls with Dylan yesterday before he started work. He went with us to Old Navy to get Sadie a pair of jeans on sale. When he started work, Sadie & I went over to Target to do a little shopping. She had been eating quite a few snacks & was being a pretty good girl. It was close to dinner time but I thought that she'd be alright if we stopped in at the scrapbooking store. She did okay for a little bit in their little play area, but then kept coming out & pulling the paper off the racks. I let her hold my basket, but when she started swinging it around I took it away from her. She had a major breakdown...crying so hard. So I just left my basket full of stuff & took her to the car. We drove over to McDonalds & got her a happy meal. She was so happy with her toy & her hamburger.

Just decided to call it a day down there & started to drive back home. She finished up her food, played with her toy for a little bit & then fell asleep. She was out. When we got home, I brought her in the house & put her on the couch. Tried to get her up to take a bath, but she was knocked out. Finally decided to change her diaper & put her pj's on. If she stayed asleep through all of that, I'd let her go to bed a 7pm. She woke up during the diaper change & sat up, happy as could be. Got her pj's on and she went right back to playing with her happy meal toy. She went down to bed at about 8:30pm. Just a little after her regular time. Funny girl.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Happy Friday!

Well, It's Friday, thank goodness. Had a busy but good week. Got up this morning, went to the gym, came home & showered instead of getting back in bed. Crazy how much more you get done when you get ready for the day early. Ran a few errands with Sadie, went to the grocery store & the bank, swept the kitchen floor, folded laundry, did dishes, made Dylan eggs & toast. Feels good. Now I've got the two kids I babysit over...they are playing quietly while Sadie sleeps. Not sure if they'll be able to go down when she wakes up. She tends to make a lot of noise.

Had a fun date with Dylan the other night. We just went to dinner & then for some ice cream. Great time. Dylan sang & danced in public (while we were waiting in line for ice cream). Used to humiliate me when we first started dating. Now I love it. I think it's hilarious to see people's reactions. Sadie did well with the sitter. We left her with a newlywed couple that I work with at Melaleuca. They have been begging me to leave her with them forever. Just couldn't get our schedules to work out until now. They enjoyed her & Sadie liked them too. Had to give them a "tis" (kiss) before we left. They were impressed with how many words she could say. Funny that she had a poopy diaper when we got back. They said she had just gone & they didn't really want to deal with it. I didn't mind...things like that are really gross when it's not your kid.

She bumped her head this morning. Came to me for a love. I gave her a hug & rubbed her back. She looked up at me and said "tis" & pointed to her head...guess I forgot to kiss it better.

She pretends to sleep. Kinda squints her eyes & scrunches her nose & makes little snoring sounds. Does this all the time @ home & did it in her car seat the other day.

Went to Porter's with Dylan & Sadie to buy a corner rounder paper punch. Have never had one of these & I was really wanting one. Feeling the need to scrapbook now that I have a new tool. Maybe tonight while Dylan is at work. Found some chocolate covered marshmallow eggs at the bulk candy counter at Porters. Dylan wanted some...thought they'd be gross. I was wrong, they were so yummy & so sweet. Sounds silly but little things like that make me happy. Sharing candy with my husband.

Most of our Saturday will be open tomorrow. Dylan doesn't go to work until the evening. I really want to do something fun with the family, but I don't want to spend money. Hopefully we can figure something out. Anyway, happy it's the weekend.

Oh yeah! Ordered our camcorder. Found a pretty sweet deal. Good price. Free shipping. Free camcorder bag. So it should be arriving next week. Excited to get little Miss Sadie on video, talking it up.

And here is a photo of Sadie with bedhead. Pretty cool that she has enough hair to get bedhead.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

I Love My Family

Just a photo of the family from a week or so ago, all together on the couch, under a blanket, reading books. Sadie is funny right now. She can't miss out on any cuddling. If Dylan & I are laying on the couch together she has to climb right up & get in the middle of us. If we hug each other, she's at our legs, pushing us apart so that we'll pick her up & she can be in the middle of the hug. It's really sweet. I have noticed that generally she is happiest when we're all together...& I am too.

I worked on Saturday & the past two nights. Happy to have that over with for now. I do enjoy work a lot more because I've made a lot of friends. Happy to be home though. Grateful to Dylan for taking care of Sadie & doing such a good job at it. So cute that he has to give her a treat each night...one oreo cookie & some milk. It's things like that that are just so sweet. Glad that those two can have their own thing going, their own connections, without me in the middle of it. Sadie is particularly rough when she plays with Dylan. She just gets so excited, climbs all over him, slides down him & says "weee". Very cute. But very rough on Dylan.

We've been getting rain & I love it. To me it means that we're moving into spring. I'm sure we'll get more snow...but right now the rain is making me happy. I've always loved the rain, I think because I grew up in a desert. Excited for spring. Looking forward to being outside, taking walks to the park, going to the zoo. Gonna be a lot of fun with Sadie this year.

Found a babysitter for tonight, so Dylan & I will be going out on a date. Super excited about this. Love going out on our own. Talking & being silly. One of my absolute most favorite things is laughing with my husband. He can make me laugh like none other. And he makes me laugh at myself as well. So fun.
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