Friday, April 28, 2006

Follow up

*The Orange, avocado Chicken was....mmm....okay. Dylan & I agreed that it wasn't disgusting, just not something you wanted to eat over & over. A little too "metropolitan" as Dylan described it. It's not going to discourage me from trying new things though.

*I did kinda suck at volleyball. Got a bruised knee. BUT we all sucked...& then there were some times that I really didn't suck. I had some serious memories of playing in high school. It was a whole lot of fun. Glad I went.

*Still working on my cleaning. Dylan was home yesterday working on his final project for this he was on the computer, um, pretty much all day. Until like 4pm. So I didn't have access to the internet. Can you imagine how much I got done around the house!? Tons! Having flashbacks of cleaning the walls & baseboards as a kid on spring break. Gosh we complained about that SO MUCH! Sorry Mom.

*Scrappy bits are little projects....this time Mother's Day gifts....using my scrapbooking supplies, of course. That's for you Michelle. I'll have to post pictures later. Don't want to ruin the surprise.

So on the agenda today:

*The in-laws are coming for the weekend. Gotta clean the bathroom. Kept that for last minute so it'd be extra fresh & clean.
*We're doing lots of fun stuff for Brock's wedding. Brunch, temple sealing & then the reception tonight. Hoping to get a slow dance in with my husband. I love that stuff....cause I'm kinda a dorky romantic girl when it comes to him.
*....& we'll just have to see what else the day brings.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

A Little Here & There

Just some random stuff for today:

*This is my 70th blog post. I'm an animal!!! I love this blog.

*Trying to be more of a list person. I made a list today for "spring cleaning". I wiped down my cupboards & appliances. That's all I got to. It's too nice outside.

*Sadie will have 3 new cousins born this year. so cool!

*Working on some scrappy bits for Mother's Day. Having fun with that.

*Trying a new recipe tonight. Grilled Chicken w/ Orange, Avacado Salsa. Sounds weird. I know. Curious to see how it tastes.

*Going to an enrichment activity tonight. We're playing volleyball. Haven't done that it years. Will I suck?

*Thinking about my friend Chanel. Just moved to Colorado. Wondering how she likes her new house.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Sick Baby

Sadie started running a fever on Saturday morning we noticed that she had red bumps on her feet & sores on her tongue. I had to go into work at Melaleuca that morning, so Dylan took her to the doctor. He diagnosed her with Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease. There is no medication that they give for it....she just has to get through it. AND she's contagious. So we've been hanging out at home...feeling pretty cooped.

We ran to K-Mart on Saturday to pick up a few things and found this bubble container. Decided to go ahead & pay the $5.00 and get it for Sadie. Earlier this week she learned how to blow bubbles on her own, but wanted to hold the container all by herself & would spill them everywhere. Love this little invention....and it's made her SO HAPPY! We let her sit outside our front door & blow bubbles. She gets pretty upset when it's time to come in...and "buh-bos" is the first thing she asks for in the morning.

She's doing pretty good now with this sickness. She has sores all over that are kinda blistery & then they pop. Most concentrated on her hands, feet, bum & inside her mouth. We are trying to stay busy inside. Coloring, watching movies, reading books & we even had Dylan draw some faces on paper bags to use as puppets. My chores are behind & I left work early on Saturday, but it's nice to be able to be here for Sadie when she needs me. And for Dylan too. He's had so much homework to do. Sick babies need pretty much all your time & attention. Glad I could come home & relieve him of that.

Dylan had been on the computer all day yesterday, listening to music on the headphones while working on a project. When he abandoned it, Sadie hopped on...and she just had to put the headphones on too.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Yummy Recipe

I got this recipe out of the Real Simple Family special issue magazine. Dylan & I both really liked it. Sadie ate the pasta & peas. She had a few pieces of spinach....but didn't really like the tomatoes. I already knew that she doesn't like tomatoes....still have to try.

Treasure Hunt Pasta

2 cups frozen peas
12 ounces fusilli (corkscrew pasta)
1 Tbsp. extra-virgin olive oil
1/2 rotisserie chicken, meat shredded
2 cups baby spinach, washed & dried
1/2 pint grape or cherry tomatoes, quartered

Bring a large pot of water to a boil & cook the peas according to the package directions. Transfer the peas to a bowl using a slotted spoon. Add the pasta to the water & cook according to package directions. Drain the pasta & return it to the pot. Add the oil & toss. Place the pasta in a large glass bowl. Sprinkle the peas evenly over the pasta. Add the chicken in a single layer, then add the spinach & the tomatoes.

I served this with a fat free zesty italian dressing. The magazine did have two dressing options that you could make on your own. I didn't want to buy all the ingredients for those. Anyway, our family liked it. Hope you will too.

It felt good to eat something so fresh & healthy. I also bought some asparagus this week & will be trying out a recipe for that as well. I'll let you know how it goes.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

I Could Feel Sun on My Skin!!!!

That's what happens when it's finally 53 degrees out, sunny & no wind.

Today I wore a t-shirt & flip flops. No jacket for me today. It was so glorious to actually feel sun on my skin. I recognized that this was a feeling that I hadn't experienced in many months. A great day! So happy because of the sun today.

We went to the grocery store today. Sadie brought her two My Little Ponys along. They sat on either side of her in the cart. And I brought my new secret weapon for when I need Sadie to sit still, but I know she'll be restless. Marshmallows!!!! I know it's probably not the best thing to feel your child straight sugar. But just for grocery store trips, or during sacrament meeting, or any other desperate moment.....what the hay! It worked today and we actually had a good trip to the market.

We spent a good amount of time outside today at the little park in our apartment complex. We came inside for dinner & then went right back out until bath time & then bed time. Sadie had a good time in the dirt & on the slide. I took off her shoes & let her walk in the sand & run in the grass barefoot. She was happy.

It wore her out though. She went to bed at 7:45pm. Was out right away.

Ryan Adams & Other Heavy Rotation Albums

I have this tendency to listen to albums over & over & over & over. I've always done this, I can remember way back in the day listening to Pavement or The Lemonheads or The Violent Femmes over & over in my room & on my headphones. Whichever was my favorite at the moment was on constantly. This hasn't changed with me....but I do try to tone it down a little bit. I'll want to put some music on...go to the cd rack...think immediately of my favorite at the moment & I'll have to tell myself, "no, not today". But then I'll only give myself that day & it's back on tomorrow.

Right now my favorite is Cold Roses by Ryan Adams & The Cardinals. It's a beautiful album. Sounds like what you wished all modern country music would sound like. It's beautiful! Love his voice. Love the lyrics...a lot of which are pretty sad & I wouldn't even try to understand. The photo above is of Ryan during the time Heartbreaker came out....back when he was really cute. He looks more like a homeless person recently. A look which I've never quite understood. (Joe Brailsford for example) Sorta cool looking....maybe....but I'm not sure how one lives their life like that. Anyway....Ryan Adams is one of my top 5 favorite artists & Cold Roses is so beautifully crafted. I love all his stuff, including Whiskeytown. This is the one that's making me happy right now.

Here are some others that have been on heavy rotation in the past. No particular order.

Death Cab For Cutie Transatlanticism. I remember listening to this one a lot when Sadie was small. Always in the car when I'd drive down to Idaho Falls with her. I love, love, love Ben Gibbard's lyrics. They are amazing. Just a beautiful album. The music is great & again a well crafted album.

Spoon Kill The Moonlight. Okay, I have to admit that this one rocked my world when it showed up in our music collection. We actually wore out the first disc we had of it & had to buy another one. No scratches or anything on the disc we just played it to death....I don't know why I'm saying "we", I'm pretty sure it was my fault. Anyway, Spoon has the best beats. Makes me want to dance. I just love them....all their other albums too. This is the one that started it for me.

The Shins Oh, Inverted World. I can remember sitting in my car in Las Vegas in the drive through at Nevada State Bank listening to track #6 New Slang & pushing the back track button when the song was over. I just had to hear it again. A gorgeous song & a gorgeous album. I really like James Mercer's lyrics & the music is great. A perfect album. I loved seeing them play in Austin just before their second album came out. Fun memories.

Built Like Alaska Hopalong. Found this one all by myself. Usually Dylan gathers all the music. But I take initiative every once in a while. I love this album. Every bit of it! It can be mellow, but pretty rockin' as well. I love music like that. A great one from start to finish. Mistake #2 is probably my favorite song though. "Bruce Lee stares at the sun..."

Elliott Smith Figure 8. I remember listening to this album on a listening station at a Sony music store in San Francisco on our honeymoon. I really liked it. We acquired it later & that started my love of Elliott Smith. Dylan already had XO and before long we had bought all previous albums as well. Love me some Elliott Smith. Very sad guy. Very sad songs. Crazy, beautiful voice. He had a lot of issues & now he's dead. Suicide. It's sad & pathetic. I'll miss his good, quality work. From a Basement on a Hill just doesn't fall into that category for me. He was just too messed up.

There have been many more over the years. These are just a few. Music means so much to me. It's such an individual thing. People can like the same stuff, but a lot of times it's for different reasons. I appreciate all these artists that have created such wonderful art. I appreciate their talent. So thankful that we're blessed with music in this life. Music that moves us....makes us happy.

There you go Dylan.....hope you like this post....cause I like you.

Monday, April 17, 2006

A Wet Egg Hunt

We were invited over to the Stoddard's for an Easter egg hunt last night. There were tons of eggs...all around their house. Each kid had to bring one bag of candy divided up into plastic eggs. They also put in $5.00 in quarters per child. We didn't have to put money in because Sadie is so young & not very fast. She only ended up getting $.75 in the end. It was raining all day yesterday. Thought we would have to do the hunt in the rain, but luckily it stopped for a little bit. Funny to see these kids out there with coats on. It's supposed to be spring. The crazy thing is....this morning we woke up to about 5 inches of snow & it's been going nonstop. It's supposed to be 50 degrees & sunny tomorrow. I don't know about Idaho. This weather is just too crazy.

Anyway....Sadie had a really good time. Dylan was so cute with her too....helping her to find the eggs. I of course had a lot of fun taking pictures.

A Lot Changes in a Year

Here's a photo of me & Sadie on Easter last year, and one from this year. I think I look a lot cuter this year. Check out little chubby Sadie last year. cute. Time goes by so fast. Love my little girl....she's still my baby.

Easter Morning

Sadie went straight for her basket & pulled out her dress up shoes. She had to put them on over her footed jammies & did her egg hunt around the house in those shoes. So cute to see her walk along so daintily. Such a funny girl. By the way....I think the Easter Bunny got these shoes at the dollar store. Pretty good deal!!!

She is in love with the shoes. Wore them all morning. Even took a nap in them. I'm glad they make her happy.

Forgot About This One...

I forgot to post this....didn't want to forget. I took Sadie to the Parents As Teachers meeting last Wednesday night. This is a open house put on by the Madison School District once a month for Parents of children 5 and under. This month they had animals out for the kids to pet. They had a box of chicks, which Sadie was LOVIN'!!!. She got right in there and pet them. They also had a rabbit....which she pet once & a lamb, which she was kinda afraid of. I wished I had taken my camera so I could get a shot of her with the chicks. So cute.

They also had cups of chocolate pudding & had the kids smash up oreos for the dirt & put a gummy worm in. Sadie kept asking for a bite, but would shake her head & cry when I tried to feed it to her. I knew exactly what little miss independent wanted. When we got home, I undressed her & let her dig in. Here is the resulting mess:

Saturday, April 15, 2006


Don't know how to spell that. That's what Sadie calls them...eggs that is.

And we colored them this morning. In case you can't tell by the pictures....she was lovin' it! I let her drop the eggs in. Tried to get her to just set it on the spoon & then I would lower it into the dye....but she had to push the egg down every time & got her fingers in the dye. Her right hand Is a little colorful now. I thought it was a lot of fun.

2 Weeks Notice

I gave my two weeks notice at work last night. Kinda just figured out yesterday afternoon that I don't want to be working through the summer. I've been actually planning my escape for a we're pretty stocked up on products. The product check is the only thing that was making it worthwhile. Dylan makes so much more than I do per hour & it just doesn't make sense for him to have to request days off so that I can go to work while he stays home with Sadie.

It feels good. It feels right. Dylan has actually been wanting me to do this for a long time. Just still feels a little weird. Feels like I can't do anything to help our family financially. But actually, this will be helping us if Dylan works more hours.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

My Biggest Supporter & Vice Versa

So this picture is from December, but that's okay because I love it. I've been a little bit emotional today, a little sensitive. Been thinking about Dylan. We have our 6 year anniversary coming up at the end of May. I'm so thankful for him.

So thankful to have him as my biggest supporter. So thankful to him for helping me to grow. Helping me to know everyday that what I do in our little corner of the world is of huge importance. Thankful to him for letting me have short hair & always telling me that my dinners are good. Home to me will always be where Dylan is. Where he is there to make me laugh, every stinkin' day.

And with that...I'm happy to be his biggest supporter. So dang proud of him. Everyday! Proud of him for taking risks, for putting himself out there. For going back to school. For being an artist. For working his butt off in school & at work & for being an incredible family guy at the same time. And for being the cutest boy in the whole world.

I love you Dyl.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

So Many Things....

So many things going on. So many things I want to blog about. Just haven't been finding the time to do so. Sadie is down for a nap so I thought now would be a good time. This may be a pretty long post...just warning you now.

I was asked to take some photos of Rebecca (the little girl I babysit 3 times a week) for her first birthday, in her traditional Korean dress. It was my first time with my white backdrop. I was pretty pleased...still need to try to figure a few things out. Not the best lighting....we had an overcast day. Here are a few of my favorites though:

I took Sadie to Sears to get her Easter portraits done. She looked so cute in her little pink dress. I ended up buying her some white sandals from Target. They have sparkles on them!!! Sadie was quite shy when we got there. I was changing her into her dress & noticed that she had a pouty lip going on. She kept grabbing onto me when I tried to set her down in front of the backdrop. Just was not letting go of me. A little scared I guess. We sat there for a while & ate fruit snacks until she was comfortable & then the photographer came in. Not totally in love w/ the photos...this is Sears after all. BUT, I did find one I liked & ordered the cheap package. There is a little bit of fruit snack on her tooth that you can see in the photo....but that's how it goes right.

Dylan took me out on a date on Saturday night. We went to see the Comic Frenzy show...which was so much fun...& then ate dinner at the Pineapple Grill. A fun time, yummy food. So good to get out together. I was seriously needing a date night. Loved it! Love my guy.

Speaking of my guy....yesterday I got called in to go work @ the gym daycare. Thursday is usually my day, but one of the other trades needed to take her son to the doctor. So I agreed to switch with her. The only problem was that Tuesday is my only day during the week that I don't babysit. It's my day to do laundry, go grocery shopping & catch up on a few other chores. I was kinda complaining about this to Dyl before I left. I was called early in the morning so I didn't have enough warning or time to get my stuff done. When I came home from my shift...the house was picked up....the dishes done & the laundry going. How sweet is that...I was smiling. I have the best husband!

So last night I made strawberry freezer jam. Seriously, SO GOOD! Had some on my toast this morning. Sadie was diggin' it too. I'm on this healthy food kick right now. Sometime soon I hope to make some homemade granola & I want to try an asparagus recipe too. I don't even think I like asparagus a whole lot. I'm also SO wanting to try yoga. Dylan laughs at me. I know that I'm bad for wanting to do & try EVERYTHING!! My knitting for example...totally bought a book & needles....never use them....but I have a plan for that....I WILL learn to knit!!

This morning I put Elmo on for Sadie & hopped in the shower. Ten minutes later I came out to find this. Her chillin', totally naked, watching her video. Not cool. I put her diaper back on & went to find some clothes for her to wear. Came back to find her diaper off again! Dang girl. Decided to put her in overalls today. No way she's getting to that diaper again...not today at least.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Dollar Store Finds & Bucket Drama

Picked up some good stuff at the dollar store for Sadie this week:

-2 more Hello Kitty coloring books. Because I am now in love with Hello Kitty. She's so cute. Also, because Sadie has colored every page in her other Hello Kitty coloring book including both sides of the front & back covers.

-bubble bath.

-A Hello Kitty plate....I'm telling's a problem I've developed.

-and a little bucket & shovel. This one was Disney Princesses.

Saturday seemed pretty nice so we went outside to the sand box. I showed Sadie how to use her shovel to scoop dirt into her bucket. She was lovin' it. Kept at it for about 45 min. It was pretty windy out & started to get quite cold. I kept asking her if she was ready to go inside. She'd answer me with a pretty violent "NO!" Finally I just picked her up & we went in. She threw a major fit the whole way. When we got inside, she refused to take off her jacket or shoes & wouldn't put her bucket down. She kept crying "scoooop!" I finally turned on the new Sesame Street video that we got through Netflix. Here's a photo of her being distracted by the video. Took a while before she walked away from the door & I could grab her bucket & shovel & hide them.

I totally understand now why mom's of little kids are all so tan during the summer. She's just so happy to be outside. And that got me thinking. One of my resolutions this year was to teach myself how to knit. I did get going on it one night a few months ago....but haven't done anything since..because it's dang hard!! BUT...I'm thinking that I can work on it this summer while I'm sitting outside at the park with Sadie. We'll see.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

I Recommend This Book...

The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate by Gary Chapman. This book was chosen for the Relief Society book club. I decided to read it because I thought it sounded interesting. I loved it & I recommend it to everybody. Dylan & I are doing great in our marriage...but I still learned a lot from this book and I'm glad I read it. It's something that can be applied to all relationships in your life, including your kids. He does have a book specifically for expressing love to your children as well.

Anyway, a great book! I learned that although I am always expressing love to Dylan, I wasn't doing it in his primary love language, which is physical touch. While he appreciates my making his meals & keeping up with the housework. If I would hold his hand or give him more hugs that would express love to him more than all that other stuff.

Still not sure what my primary love language is. I initially thought it was Acts of Service. But I think it may actually be Quality Time. Maybe I just think that because I really crave time with Dylan right now with his busy schedule. Words of Affirmation ranks pretty high for me too. Anyway, with that I'm off to get ready for my date with Dylan tonight. Quality time together! Woohoo!

Friday, April 07, 2006

A Good Photo

I went through & uploaded all the photos from last month that didn't make it onto my blog so that I could share them with family. Came across this photo. A good one. I'm pretty sure that Sadie was singing when I took this one.

I love watching these two. It's something that makes me so happy. They are so cute together. I can sit and watch them & smile...all my current worries go away. They're so cool!

Our Little Window Sitter

One of Sadie's newest things. Sitting on the window sill in our living room window. She'll climb up there & sit and eat her snacks, or just look outside. Sometimes she says "mama" & points to the spot next to I'll sit there by her for a few minutes. Just one of her things right now. Makes her happy.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

It's Been a While...

So here's what's new....It's conference weekend & that's always cool. Stayed in my pajamas all day. Took a nap between sessions & finally took a shower at 4:00pm. We listened to conference on the radio this we don't have TV anymore. I love conference. It's always good to hear. Makes me want to be a better person.

Ryan got his mission call on Thursday. He's going to the Edmonton, Alberta mission in Canada (English speaking). He reports to the MTC on May 31st (I think). I think that's totally cool. He's gonna freeze, but still very cool. I'm excited for that boy.

Sadie is our little naked baby. She never wants to have clothes on. She puts up such a fight when I try to put her clothes on for the day or her pajamas at night. Throughout the day I'll hear her say "foff" & I turn around to see her taking off her shirt....then her pants. A lot of times I just don't want to deal with a fight so I think "whatever" and hope that she doesn't try to take off her diaper. Crazy girl. My mom laughs whenever I tell her about the clothes issue. I've heard stories my whole life about how I was this same way.

She's starting to put words together & I love it. During the day we won't even be talking about Dylan & she'll say "da-da work". The other night I was putting her down to bed. It was windy outside & the wind was rattling her bedroom window a little. She picked her head up off my shoulder, pointed at the window & said "brr ah-side" (brrr outside).

We had Enchilada Pie for dinner tonight. One of our favorites that was a recipe my Mom always made. The name we Duke kids had for it was "Looks Bad, Tastes Good". Not sure who came up with that name, but I never knew the real name until I got the recipe from my Mom after I got married. Funny. Anyway, it's so yummy. We always eat up all the leftovers. So I'm sharing the recipe here for all my friends & non-Duke family. Try's gooood.

Enchilada Pie

1-1/2 lb. ground beef
1 large onion
1 can cream of mushroom soup
1 can cream of chicken soup
1 (4 oz.) can diced green chilies
1 (4 oz.) can sliced olives
1 (10-12 oz.) can enchilada sauce
3/4 cup milk
1 pkg. flour tortillas
1/2 lb. cheddar cheese, grated
1/2 lb. monterey jack cheese, grated
sour cream

Brown meat & onion in a skillet & season w/ salt & pepper to taste. Add soups, green chilies, olives, enchilada sauce & milk. Cut half the tortillas into small squares & line a 9 x 13 pan. Top w/ half the meat mixture. Sprinkle w/ half the cheese. Repeat layers. Bake at 350 degrees for 40 minutes. Cool for 15 minutes & then cut into squares to serve. Top each square w/ sour cream.
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