Tuesday, May 23, 2006


That's me. I admit it. I'm addicted to sugar. Love me some treats....anything really sweet!

I complain a lot about my waistline....but I'm the one that is constantly feeding it! I've decided to drastically cut the amount of sugar that I'm eating. I didn't buy any "treats" at the store last week & you know what...I've survived just fine without them. I'm not eliminating sugar completely from my diet. Cause that's just wrong. I need a little something here & there. So we'll see how it goes. Hoping to feel healthier & look better!

By the way...one of my new favorite snacks.....a little mix of cashews & craisins. Pretty good.

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chanelly said...

NO CANDACE DON'T DO IT! The only way I justify my DAILY ice cream cone is that, you need the sugar just as bad as I do!

On the other hand, you as usual inspire me, maybe I will cut back too. After all wasnt I suppose to be better after what I went through and learned???

Way to go girlfriend!

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