Sunday, May 14, 2006

My Mother's Day

First off, here are the tag albums that I made for my mom & Dylan's mom. I fell in love with these. I do plan on making myself one with all my favorite pictures. I never carry around photos of Sadie, so this will be fun to throw in my purse. Eventually it will end up on a shelf or in a box & will be fun to come across again years down the road. So that is now on my list of things to do for myself. And I think that both my mom & Stacey really liked them.

Sadie woke up this morning at 6:00. Dylan got up with her & let me sleep in. When I got up a couple hours later, he made breakfast. Pancakes...with my yummy nummy strawberry jam & whipped cream. How fancy & special is that! It was delicious. Dylan did an excellent job with the pancakes...very light & fluffy. Since he doesn't like strawberries, he had blueberry syrup & whipped cream instead. Everybody was pretty happy after that breakfast.

Then it was gift time. Dyl got me this book. Artists' Journals & Sketchbooks. It's awesome. Some really cool techniques that I'm excited to try out sometime on my scrapbook pages. He also got me the premiere issue of Blueprint magazine. Pretty cool & fun to have. We had a great day together. Good to talk to our Mom's & Grandma on the phone & spend some time together as a family.

Later on I caught Sadie playing with her new big orange ball & a headband over her eyes as glasses. So crazy! This is totally her. She finds the silliest way to play with things. Please ignore the complete mess of a house behind her. I really have no excuse for it though.


Ipuna said...

Xayla is really into balls now aslo. That is cute.

Michelle said...

Those pictures make me laugh! What a silly girl. I hope we can get together next time you come to town. I think Avry and Sadie would have fun together.

I love the tag books. You're so creative!


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