Friday, May 05, 2006

Right Now I'm Loving....

* My iTunes gift card sitting here. Hoping to download Band of Horses. Read some pretty good reviews so hopefully I'll like it.

* A house stocked with groceries. I love getting groceries. All the stuff you've been wanting & needing all on hand in your pantry & fridge.

* This last episode of Lost. So cool! Can't wait to see next week.

* The Garden over at Two Peas. Love the theme of everyday. Excited to see what they have going on for National Scrapbook Day tomorrow.

* Everything turning green outside. Buds on the trees & flowers blooming.

* A stress free husband. So cool to see Dylan so dang happy & carefree.

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Ipuna said...

Do you think it made a difference now that you are at home all the time?

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