Wednesday, May 24, 2006

We're Packing It Up

Getting ready to head down to Vegas! Pulled out the suitcases this morning & Sadie had to jump in.

Oil has been changed in the van.
Maddy has been groomed.
Snacks & beverages have been purchased.
Borrowing a portable DVD player (Wiggles all the way down, woohoo!).
Laundry is being washed.
Hope to be packed up by tonight & we'll head out tomorrow afternoon.

Excited to see family & friends. Excited to meet the newest Abbott. Excited to see Ryan before he leaves for 2 years. Excited to celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary this Saturday. Excited to have photo sessions with Shannon & Haley and Gary.

Not too excited about the heat & how much I'm gonna sweat & how I'll look kinda like a wet dog the entire time.


Ipuna said...

How exciting! We are leaving tomorrow as well, but we are going to California. My sister is graduating from Cal State Long Beach. We are going to Disneyland and the Angel's Stadium for a couple of games, and the beach. It will be fun.
Abbott's new one? Jason Abbott? Just checking. Ipuna

Candace said...

Hey Ipuna. Hope you have fun in California. And the new little Abbott is my Sister's. She's going into the hospital tonight!

Ipuna said...

You too. Oh. I am excited to hear the details of the new baby!

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