Saturday, May 13, 2006

Yoga & Scrapbooking

I ordered a yoga video & it came yesterday. I made sure to get all my chores done while Sadie was napping, so I'd be able to try it out once she went to bed. I enjoyed it a lot. It felt so good to slow down & I still got a bit of a sweat out of it. Just feels like it balances out the cardio I do at the gym (sometimes I try to go as fast as I can w/ my cardio....ha ha). Anyway, I can't describe how I felt after it. So relaxed, but strong at the same time. Felt like going to sleep actually, but instead I did this:

I did take the layout from the Jamie Waters article in last months Creating Keepsakes Magazine. She is one of my favorite scrapbook designers. It's crazy how it still feels completely my own...with my freehand painted title on brown paper bag. I felt so good last night. A yoga workout & a scrapbook page completed! Woke up feeling really good this morning.

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ColoradoCoolCats said...

That page is awesome! I was thinking "How does candace find such a cute yougurt diecut?" YOU MADE IT!! You are so awesome!!!
YOGA too?? WOW! You are the WOMAN! It is so good for you! I personally have only done it once and it kicked my butt, Im not what you call "Flexible"! Im also what you call "give up easily!"
I LOVE YOU DEATH!!! Don't be too hard on yourself! You're beuatiful, creative, and my best friend!!!!

Thanks too for the cute mother's day card!
LOVE Chanel

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