Thursday, May 04, 2006


Dylan & I talk about how we always drive through Salt Lake on our way to & from Las Vegas, but we never stop & do anything there. We've been talking for awhile about how we've wanted to go to the Hogle Zoo this summer. We decided on Monday night that we'd go down on Tuesday & just spend the day in Salt the zoo & then do some shopping. Thought it would be better to do it now, before it got too hot this summer.

We had a lot of fun. We all needed something like this. A little break. A little mini vacation. This past semester has just been so hard on all of us.

We left Tuesday morning around 9am. As this was a last minute trip we didn't have any good snacks for the drive. We stopped for gas in Idaho Falls & Dylan came back to the car with donuts & corn nuts. We stopped again in some little town that smelled like manure & this time Dylan came out with Choco Tacos. Ha ha. Those things are so funny. Anyway, just felt like mentioning our nasty, but yummy car food.

We got to the zoo around noon. We found the elephants pretty early on, or "fanant" as Sadie says. They were our favorites. We kept telling Sadie to say "bye bye" to the elephants so we could move on....she kept saying "no". We came back by the elephants later in the day & they were eating. Dylan & Sadie were in a different spot than me. They had a perfect view of one of the elephants urinating. It was incredible the amount of pee that came out of that thing. Dylan described it as "disgusting but amazing at the same time".

We ran into Ben, Laurel & Becca there too. What are the odds? Spent most of our time at the zoo with them. After the zoo we headed over to the Gateway Mall. Checked out Anthropologie, the Apple store & The Gap. We bought some stuff at the Gap. I got some cute pants & capris (these & these...much needed). Dylan got some fun stuff, jeans & a polo.

Didn't buy anything for Sadie. But I had gotten her these cute little sandals from Old Navy & some bermuda shorts from Target the day before....which I am totally in love with. She looks so cute in them.

We had a fun time. Gald we went. A little tired the next day, but it was worth it.

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Amber said...

That is such a great picture of Dylan holding Sadie. It looks like she is playing with his hair. That is so sweet!

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