Saturday, July 15, 2006

Been a Little Sick Around Here

I got terribly sick a few nights ago. The flu, I suppose. I am convinced that it is a horrible thing when the mom of the family gets sick. The house just doesn't operate like it should. Dylan did do a fabulous job of helping me out & taking care of Sadie & I was so very thankful to the sister in my ward that I called in desperation to come take Sadie for a little bit.

I am feeling much, much better now. Just trying to get my energy back up.

Sadie is so incredibly fun right now. She just seems bigger & older every day. Dylan & I are constantly talking about how the baby in her is just slipping away. I LOVE her. I want her to always be herself. She is hilarious. Such a character & it's great! I'm also convinced that she is the smartest little almost 2 year old girl in the world. She's the best. My little buddy, everyday.

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Ipuna said...

I am glad you are feeling better. It's no fun being sick.

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