Saturday, November 11, 2006

New Shoes

Yes. I am doing an entire blog post about my new shoes.

I just got these darling Keds in the mail yesterday, and I'm in love. They were a little more than I spend on shoes these days, but Dylan talked me into them & I know I'll get some good use out of them. They are so darling! Please excuse my dry skin in the photo. My favorite part: the adorable orange fabric inside. So cute!

Also, why are shoe boxes so cool? Dylan & I both kinda have this thing for them. He says it's the thought of filling them w/ stuff. I'd have to agree.


Anonymous said...

I'm really glad I talked you into these shoes. They are really cute on you and very... well, "you." As far as the orange goes, well, you know I'm a sucker for it, but it's even cuter in person. Also, your toe cleavage... "ooowhee baby-baby!"

Anonymous said...

By the way, the toe cleavage thing is a bit of an inside joke (see Caitlin's blog). And, as long as I'm going on and on about this random topic, I really have no opinion on the whole "toe cleavage is sexy" issue. I'm a simple man. Just regular old cleavage for me.

Anonymous said...

I promise I will stop posting the word "Cleavage," on your blog. Effective immediately. That is all.

Amber said...

Dylan you are so funny!!

Candace I do love those shoes! I think I need those!

Anonymous said...

Wow, see what pregnancy does to Dylan, clevage, clevage, clevage!!!
The shoes are soooo YOU! Very very cute!

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