Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Ornament Tradition

I wanted to share our yearly ornaments that we have bought over the years. It's a fun tradition & I'm glad that we started it the very first year that Dylan & I were married.

2000. We bought this one at Pier 1. We decided to start the tradition, but decided that we just weren't the type of people to have a bride & groom ornament. So this is it. A big hand painted ball ornament. We thought it was cool.

2001. This little wooden star Dylan spotted at a craft fair. Thought it was cool. No real meaning behind it.

2002. The year we got Maddy. We never see things that look so much like Maddy. We couldn't pass it up. Got it home to find out that it's way too heavy to hang on our tree.

2003. The year we moved to Rexburg. Thought the snowflake was fitting. Dylan especially liked this one because it looks like a Chinese throwing star.

2004. I fell in love with this teardrop Santa Claus when we saw it at Cost Plus. Just thought it was so cool & pretty.

2005. A little crocheted snowman. Again, we got this one at Cost Plus.

2006. We picked this one up at Target pretty early this year. This one was Dylan's pick.

And just a few photos from around the house this morning. Have you tried Clementines? They are delicious, and this is all that's left from the 5 lbs. box we bought only two days ago.

The shoes at the doorway, sitting on a beach towel so the wet snow & dirt doesn't get tracked through the house. Loved the little dress up shoe right there in the row.


Kelly McCaleb said...

oh my! i've been catching up on my blog reading and found such good stuff that tear drop santa, love your layouts, love your big belly. life sounds like it's going good, i'm glad!!

Anonymous said...

those oranges are the bomb!
your ornaments are cool- some are so funny- like the new santa- looks like dylan if he dressed up like santa!

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