Monday, December 11, 2006

Star & Bird

On a much happier note: I made this little star ornament & am in the process of making many more to be attached to goodie plates which will be given out as our neighbor gifts this week. I'm in love with them! Love how they turned out in the American Crafts poinsettia paper. You can find the pattern for these stars here.

And because I never posted a full picture of the bird. Don't you think it's cool! I love it!


Anonymous said...

so this is how smart you are- i read the template instructions and went "huh". you'll just have to make me one, i love having talented friends!!!!

ok PS your word verification is soooo long now, ugh!

Heather said...

Love those stars. It almost looks like you painted them. So pretty on the tree next to the lights.

Sorry about the reactions you've been receiving. Glad to know that you recognize the blessings that any baby brings....boy or girl. Don't let em get you down!

ashley said...

love those stars too...going to have to go get some christmas paper now!

i totally know what you mean about the second girl thing. to be truthful, i was alittle let down when i found out it wasn't a boy, but most peoples reactions were positive and that helped me to know that girls are cool too. when i read your blog (when you first found out) about how ecxited you were to have another girl and how you know that she is sent to your family for a reason, it really put me in check and made me realize that stuff too.
i hope that you are feeling ok about everything and when it comes down to it- who cares about what others think- it's your happy little family!
have a great day!

ashley said...

oh, when i say that i was let down i am talking about for our little girl- not yours! hope i didn't sound like another one of those people who you were blogging about!!!

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