Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Hmm...What to Call This One

Feeling a little emotional & weighed down. Excited for Dylan to come home on Saturday. Trying to have patience with Sadie but I find myself yelling A LOT. Why is it so much harder to deal with a little one when you're 9 months pregnant? Okay, that was a dumb question.

Anyway, trying to be happy today & start the day off right. Here are a few of my happy things lately:

This quilt from Urban Outfitters. Saw this while looking around for bedding for Sadie. I know, who shops for children's bedding at Urban? Way out of my price range anyway, but cool to look at.

Blueprint & Body&Soul magazines. Thank you credit card miles. Now I'm all informed on how to live a stylish & whole life.

A curb side recycling program at our new home in Lakewood, Ohio. Also a YMCA nearby which hopefully has affordable fitness memberships. Also, thoughts of going to the zoo & outdoor concerts with my little family this summer.

Project Runway. Been watching seasons 1 & 2 on DVD. I just love Heidi Klum.

And, today at the grocery store I shall pick up a grapefruit since I've been craving one for the past 3 days. Why do they put a cherry in the middle at restaurants? Does anyone else find that funny?


Nan said...
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Michelle said...

It's probably so fun to explore on the internet where you are going to live and find all the cool stuff around. Such an adventure!

I remember Avry constantly stressing me out at the end of my pregnancy. Only a little longer, right?

ashley said...

oh that bedding is so cool! i totally look for things for my kids room at urban, so much cool stuff there! i bet you could make something like that.

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