Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I'm Painter Sadie!!!

That's what Sadie was yelling today as she experienced watercolors for the first time. These things are well worth the 27 cents. Going to have to go stock up on them. This set got a little water logged & the paints are almost gone already. I think her paintings are so pretty. The colors are great! That one on the end is my painting of our dog Maddy. I just couldn't resist little Sadie saying, "Paint wis me!".


chanel said...

27 cents????? i swear EVERYTHING is more expensive here!

cute maddy! you're so talented!

cute idea book too- i know you've got more ideas than time to make everything that inspires you. someday!?!?!

Candace said...

okay, I lied. They were 97 cents. I was getting confused w/ the 20 cent crayons. I should check my receipt before I publish it on the web...geez.

Dylan said...

Love the pictures. That girl is my hero.

I agree with Chanel, your Maddy looks pretty dang good.

Also, Chanel, you forget that we live in the poorest big city in the USA. :(

Amber said...

Sadie's paintings are cute. And so is yours!

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