Thursday, October 11, 2007


Dylan hooked me up with an incredible mix! 28 songs on two discs. I love it. It's so me. It's very "strummy", as Dylan says. It would be the perfect background music for a nice long crafting session. Oh, how I'm longing for one of those.

He also got me a really beautiful Sparklehorse poster from Aesthetic Apparatus. We're having gloomy days here & although I love gloomy days, they don't offer enough sunlight for good photos. I'm really having trouble getting a good one of that poster, so I'll have to share it later.

I had a good birthday. Nice & mellow.

Oh, yeah....ate some yummy chocolate cake. Two pieces as a matter of fact. Hey! It's my birthday. I can have two pieces if I want. Actually, I'm going to be eating this all week. I'm fine with that.


Amber said...

That is such a cool gift. Dylan is so cool!!

Michelle said...

That is a great gift. So thoughtful! Glad you had a good day. Happy Birthday! And you are not old!

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