Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Blog Addiction, Part 2

The best thing I did last week was sign up over at Bloglines. I subscribed to all the blogs that I read. I have 60 feeds...sick, I know. Instead of clicking around to each of them, various times throughout the day, I just go to one page that lists them all & lets me know if any of them have updated.

I sit down & check the computer when I'm feeding the baby a bottle & I've been trying to stay away from it other than that. I feel like my house needs a little more order. Less time in front of the computer & more time focusing on my house & family is what I need right now. Bloglines sure makes it easy for me to do that & not feel like I'm missing out on anything in the blog world. Also, you can "clip" any posts you like & would like to refer back to later. Pretty cool.

So, obviously I recommend it. I've added a link on my sidebar that makes it easy for you to add me to your feeds. But if you sign up, be sure to click on over to my site when you read the posts, to see it all pretty & stuff.

And, because I can't post without a photo, I just love this tree in our front yard:


Keri said...

Thanks, that's a really great idea to know when people update their blogs!

Patti said...

I use the Google Reader. Works the same way. Love it.

Michelle said...

I want to sign up for that. I'm sure it's a great time saver.

ashley said...

that is a great idea- there are some smart people out there! think i might have to sign up for it!

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