Friday, October 12, 2007

Gearing Up

Man the weather sure changed here fast. We went right from running the air conditioner to running the heater. I'm still in the process of getting my family everything we need for the winter months. Thought I'd share a few bargains that I've come across.

Old Navy has a lot of stuff on sale right now. I'm getting some of these long sleeve henleys for Sadie to wear under short sleeve t-shirts, or just on their own. They're priced at only $3.75.

I always watch for sales at K-mart around this time of year too. Starting next week their blanket sleepers go on sale. They're buy one get one free, making them just $5.00 a piece. Also, all their coats will be 40% off. We got Sadie's winter coat at K-mart last year for a good price during one of these sales. So, I'll be making a stop there next week.

Also, a great blog for finding deals on all sorts of kids stuff is Baby Cheapskate.

Then there's this scarf tutorial over on the Sew Mama Sew blog. I think I need to make one for Sadie....& one for me too!


QueenCherine said...

I went to Old Navy yesterday and they hada ton of stuff on sale from .97 cents to 3.97!!! Good deals and great clthes. Hurry up though because it gets picked over fast!!! Thanks for the tip about KMart. I love those blankets. Having and extra cozy blanket is always nice!!!

P.S I understand crazy weather. I think it has snowed here a few times already. Of course it melted but I kinda enjoy fall and hope it sticks around at least another month.

Keri said...

I need to get Sydney a winter coat, so now I know where I can get one on sale. Thanks for the heads up!

wrightfamily said...

Thanks for those ideas! They're awesome. I also went to the shopko sales today and they are really good too, especially for winter clothes for the kids. I also found a cute Christmas dress for Tyann for a good price.

Michelle said...

Old Navy has really good sales in January too but I know by then winter is half way over. I stocked up last year on stuff for this winter. If only my big boy would stop growing so fast. I'll have to check out some of those sites.

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