Sunday, January 13, 2008

30 Days - 6

Playing house with Sadie with the peg people we made on our trip to Las Vegas. I brought along wooden doll pegs & markers & we colored them to make little people. This filled our time while we were delayed at both the Cleveland & Chicago airports. It really kept Sadie's attention for quite a while. Dylan, of course, made the man in the red shirt.

It was hard to choose just one photo for yesterday. These two are the ones I ruled out. Sadie dressed herself & we were under the attack of a giant baby while playing house.

So it goes with photo a day....I have too many choices for yesterday & still not one photo taken today. I'm losing light quickly. What am I going to do?


Keri said...

I can relate on many levels. Sadie's outfit is great! Oh, and the attack of the giant baby. Love that you captured it. I'm really enjoying your "30 Days" posts.

The Fellers said...

i LOVE sadies outfit....too cute!

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