Thursday, May 29, 2008

See You Later Friends

I'm on back in a week or two.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

8 Years Ago Today

I am a lucky girl.

Happy Anniversary Dylan!

(I love this photo. We were acting goofy = we were SO happy!)

Pleated Beauty Bag

Finally, a new bag for me. Just in time for my trip.

Thanks for all your comments on the last post. I'm really leaning towards doing the summer market. I think I'm curious more than anything & challenging myself is never a bad thing. Just waiting to get a little more information before I make my final decision.

In the mean time, I can't stop making these frayed flowers with little vintage buttons in the center. Perhaps for brooches or bag accents.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Your Input Please

I've been invited to be a vendor at at summer craft fair & I've been going back & forth with it.

* It would be really fun & would motivate me to really focus on making handmade items.
* I have lots of new ideas of fun items to make
* I could gain more exposure to my shop.
* Anything left over would be listed in my etsy shop.
* Would I make money???
* The craft fair is in a really nice area & would take place outdoors right off of Lake Erie.

* The booth costs $75. Honestly, that's a lot for me. Any money I make through etsy goes straight to paying bills. Would I make my money back plus some????
* Trying to get lots of stuff made in just a few months time could really stress me out.
* Focusing most of my attention on working towards the fair could take my attention away from housekeeping & my kids.

What's a girl to do? Let me know what you think. Should I go for it or is it not a good idea?

Thursday, May 22, 2008

7 Days, People!!!!

Seven days!!!! until I board an airplane headed to Las Vegas! I am so very excited to see family & friends & to sleep at my mom's house. It's fun to have something so exciting to look forward to.

Yesterday I bought some fabric to make more shirts for myself from the Simplicity 3835 pattern. I also want to finish up the other 2 shirts that I have in the works for myself & make a few skirts too. Oh! Plus two bags. Dylan rolled his eyes at me when I told him all that I wanted to accomplish. He let me know that I was just adding more stress...and truth be told, I do get stressed out pretty easily. Anyway, I know that I'm not going to get it all done, BUT I do plan to cut out all my patterns & bring them with me so I can get in some sewing time there in Vegas. Once my babies go to bed, then I can get to know my sister's Bernina. Good idea, don't you think?

I've washed the fabrics. They are just waiting in the basket to be ironed & then cut (perhaps during the baby's afternoon nap?). I'm already second guessing my choices. Left to right, we have a seersucker, a linen blend in yellow & a shirting material.

I'm excited about the seersucker but it's a little thin. Worried that I'll be happy with it as a shirt. The yellow linen blend is my favorite...but will the color work on me? I'm not so sure, but I hope that I can rock it. Then the aqua shirting, again I'm worried about the color, but I think it will be good in the end.

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Shop Update

More vintage pillowcase sets added to the shop.
Oh goodness. Life has just been so busy & crazy. Yesterday was a very long, crazy, tiring day. I spent so much time in the car going all over the place & then there was the emotionally tiring ER thing that was a bit scary & sad. But all is well. So, that's good.

I made this skirt up for Sadie last week & thought it was a bit too long. After watching her run around in it today, I've decided that I like the length. I loved this fabric.....once again from the thrift store. Sadie really loves skirts more than jeans & so I need to whip up a few more of these for her.

Before all the chaos yesterday, I found this old school desk while thrifting. I love the blue color & can't wait to get it cleaned up & find a place for it. Sadie loves it too.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

front page

This was nice to stumble across last night. A pleasant surprise, indeed!

Also, we've been rocking out in the minivan to a really great mix of Dylan's...Folk Star. Download for yourself here & have a great weekend!

Thursday, May 15, 2008


I love making things from scratch

Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy & Refreshed

My Mother's Day weekend was so great. On Saturday Dylan took Sadie out to go shopping. Claire stayed home & napped for 2 hours & I was able to clean up the house without anybody interrupting me or coming right behind me & making more messes.

Then we picked up Dave's Cosmic Subs & headed to the beach to eat & play for a little bit.

Sunday was wonderful. Sadie was so excited to go up & sing in sacrament meeting at church. She was adorable. Dylan & the girls got me a beautiful necklace. He really has gotten very good at buying & making me gifts.

Dylan really took on the mom role & let me have a break. I got to take a nice long nap. He cleaned up the house, started a load of laundry & did the dishes. Then he let me know that he was tired & I shouldn't even try fooling around with him. I thought that was hilarious & I'm still giggling about it.

Today I feel so refreshed & ready to give the hardest job in the world a better go. It's rainy today. I've already played three rounds of the Dora the Explorer Memory game with Sadie. She's done these picnic cutting pages & we had a fun lunch! Taking some cues from the bento boxes & trying to offer the kids & myself a more exciting lunch.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Our Walk To The Library

She dressed herself. Pink tights w/ red hearts under a pink dress. It was her idea to walk, pushing her stroller with her bear in it next to mine. It took us a little longer to get there. We were 10 minutes late for story time.

It feels good to leave the van sitting in the driveway. Wish there were a few more places around within walking distance.

***Also, take a look at these photos...our world is green again. I love spring in a place with lots of trees.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

First Real Haircut

In all of Sadie's life I've only trimmed the ends of her hair twice. Her hair has been getting a big scraggly & as of yesterday I decided that it was time for a cut. I mentioned it to Dylan today. He was okay with it & so I mentioned the idea to Sadie. She got really excited. We looked at a few pictures online of little bob haircuts & she was totally down with it. It all happened so fast & before I knew it we were heading out the door to the salon. On the drive there I caught myself tearing up a bit thinking about cutting off her curls.

Once we got to Snip Its, we decided to go for "the works". So she got it shampooed & styled, complete with bows & a dusting of glitter. She is happy with it. I am happy with it. It will be great for the summer & I think the cut goes perfectly with her glasses.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

To Do

I woke up this morning & wrote out a to do list. I should do this more often. By one o'clock I'd already accomplished everything on this list except for organizing my fabric.

Instead of tackling the fabric, I finished sewing up this top from Simplicity 3835 that I started on last night. It's the very first garment that I've sewn for myself. I've seen lots of other people make this pattern & rave about how much they love it. I have to say that I'm very pleased with my new top & plan on making a few more for the summer. Are you ready for my dirty mirror photos?

Camera is over my face because I'm not wearing any makeup. That wasn't on the list for today. One more thing that I'm loving about this top is that I got the cute navy polka dot fabric from the thrift store for $1.00. Yay me!

I will get to organizing my fabric mess sometime soon & when I do, you will most likely be seeing some fabrics listed in my shop.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

A New Obsession

More vintage pillowcases added to the shop.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Homemade Bubbles

I mixed up these bubbles yesterday. We've taken them out two days in a row. I imagine this gallon of bubbles will last us quite a while.

1 gallon water
2/3 cup dishwashing soap
2-3 tbsp. glycerin

You can find glycerin in the pharmacy for a few dollars.

The bubble wands were found in the Target dollar spot. I've noticed that the bubbles worked even better the second day after the solution had some time to rest.

Fun, fun stuff!
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