Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy & Refreshed

My Mother's Day weekend was so great. On Saturday Dylan took Sadie out to go shopping. Claire stayed home & napped for 2 hours & I was able to clean up the house without anybody interrupting me or coming right behind me & making more messes.

Then we picked up Dave's Cosmic Subs & headed to the beach to eat & play for a little bit.

Sunday was wonderful. Sadie was so excited to go up & sing in sacrament meeting at church. She was adorable. Dylan & the girls got me a beautiful necklace. He really has gotten very good at buying & making me gifts.

Dylan really took on the mom role & let me have a break. I got to take a nice long nap. He cleaned up the house, started a load of laundry & did the dishes. Then he let me know that he was tired & I shouldn't even try fooling around with him. I thought that was hilarious & I'm still giggling about it.

Today I feel so refreshed & ready to give the hardest job in the world a better go. It's rainy today. I've already played three rounds of the Dora the Explorer Memory game with Sadie. She's done these picnic cutting pages & we had a fun lunch! Taking some cues from the bento boxes & trying to offer the kids & myself a more exciting lunch.


Melissa Everett said...

Dylan is so funny! Mothering is a hard job, rewarding, but hard and it is nice that Dylan did all that for you. I think you are a great mom! Happy Mothers Day Sis! I love ya!

Keri said...

Wow, you did have a really nice weekend! That necklace is so cute. Thanks for being such an inspiring mom. :) It's a lot of hard work, isn't it.

alexandra said...

So happy to read that you had a good Mother's Day!
Totally loving the necklace that Dylan picked out - he's a bit of a rock-star isn't he??!!
Cute lunch - I like all the little compartments!
Happy Monday!

amanda said...

hey love the necklace, i have one kind of like it. you guys look great.

chanel said...

wow that necklace IS really really pretty! And love your lunch!!!! cool idea!

I hope you bugged and bugged Dylan and looked really really dejected when he wouldn't give it up. ;)

I love your first sentence of your last paragraph- well put.

Michelle said...

That is funny what Dylan said. I love the pictures of the beach. Glad you had a good Mother's Day!

Heather said...

Been meaning to comment.
I've been reading and realizing that it's been awhile:
I LOVE Sadie's hair
I LOVE your hair
I LOVE the top that you sewed.
I LOVE you
and can't wait till your here in a couple of weeks.

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