Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Fall Is Here

Isn't it the greatest? Winter is not my best bud & summer isn't always the best for this easily irritable when hot girl, but fall....fall is the greatest. I pulled out a favorite shirt to wear yesterday. One with longer sleeves. I'm sporting a different hair style this year & I really liked my big waves with this gingham shirt.

On a side note...once in junior high school some jerk of a kid told me that I look like Kermit the Frog. It hurt my feelings obviously because I still remember it to this day. Anyway, I think the above photo caught me looking quite a bit like that green little frog. It's my thin lips. Ha ha.

Really though, what I wanted to tell you about today is that I am working towards a shop update with some new handmade items. Maybe sometime next week. I'm loving the routine that we've established now that Sadie is in school. Those few hours in the afternoon while she's away & Claire is napping really give me a chance to get a lot more done. I have a few scarves, quilts & purses in mind. Now I just need to get to work.


kirsten said...

you SO don't look like kermit. put that out of your head once and for all.

Dylan said...

Dang gurl. You are fine. And I mean "fine" in the colloquial sense which denotes your attractiveness.

For reals though, you're so dang cute.

Girl Land said...

I believe Dylan should have used the adjective "FOIN" instead of fine.

Kermit you are not. Damn those junior high boys. A boy I used to love called me wide load once. Little pr*ck. :)

OH, and take a looksee:


Jessica said...

how cute of your husband! i love that shirt too! so cute!
and kermit the frog? what the? no way, you are beautiful!

ashley said...

kermit? not even. i have really thin lips too.
ok, and i really miss fall. not too much of a seasonal shift around here ;(

miss chris said...

I'm having fun with shorter hair this fall, too. It's like getting a new wardrobe. Almost.

Cute top!

Jessie said...

Yes, Fall!! I pulled out my new fringe-y moccasin boots today and breathed in the crisp fall air. It was so good.
oh, and that boy in junior high was probably madly in love with you and was so overwhelmed with emotion that he could only express his feelings by putting you down.

andrea said...

Lookin' hot Candace. That guy had no idea :)

I can't wait to see what you are updating your shop with! I bought batting tonight and had a mini fight with the Joanns cashier....she shredded my coupon and used it to save me 40% on a felt square. I saved a whopping .14 cents. BOO!!!

chanel said...

love that picture, you look so serious- don't mess with my camera you're saying. :)

cbhoff said...

I love your hair. I wish I could get mine to curl all flowy like yours...or wear it short:)

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