Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pajama Shorts, Total Cost $0

It's gotten a bit warmer around here & I found myself wearing Dylan's shorts around the house in an attempt to stay cooler. Dyl suggested that I cut off some of my pajama pants & turn them into sleeping shorts. I guess he wanted his back. :)

I've accumulated a lot of pajama pants over the years. On Monday, I took a couple pairs of cotton pants, cut them off at the knee & then hemmed them up. Ta da! 20 minutes, no money spent & my legs are cooler & happier.


Holly C. said...

The price sounds good to me.

I love to repurpose.

chanel said...


The Pfau's said...

Nice I think I need to try that!!

the fellers said...

what a great idea...especially cause I have a million pairs of pj pants, and it is getting hotter!

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